5 Reasons Why Technology Training Helps You, Your Employees and Your Business

trainingBusiness professionals know their craft and they know it well. They are fashion designers, marketers, financial experts, bread makers, auto mechanics. However, when it comes to technology they are not experts in technology – unless of course they’re technologists.

It’s very important that solo professionals continue to train themselves in using technology better – you can learn by reading. Some resources include: Smallbiztechnology.com, SmallBizTrends.com, Inc.com/technology and Entrepreneur.com . You might also want to check out my articles on Concur’s blog, Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp, Well’s Fargo and PC World).

Another way to learn is by doing. Take out your smartphone phone and explore how to do more with it. Explore some new apps that you can use with it.

Another way to learn is by formal online training. One my favorites sites, is Grovo which has hundreds (give or take) of online training modules helping you learn a variety of online tools and services. Check it out.

There are many web sites offering online training courses and one that you should check out is TrainSignal.

They recently announced the launch of a new subscription ­based, unlimited ­access online training platform that delivers comprehensive IT training at all levels. Based on their press release, for $49 per month, TrainSignal’s new education­ as ­a ­service platform provides access to over a hundred training courses covering certification prep to advanced training for seasoned IT professionals. With its new platform, TrainSignal will play an essential role in educating a workforce for the IT jobs of today. “We’ve been providing students and professionals around the world with high ­quality IT training courses for more than a decade,” said Scott Skinger, CEO and founder of TrainSignal. “Today we are putting IT pros and novices in complete control of their career destinies with on­ demand access to the material they need to succeed on the job.

Here’s five good reasons to invest in training

  1. You will get more out of the products and services you already have
  2. You will be more knowledgeable in purchasing new products and services
  3. Investing in yourself or your employees is an investment in your company
  4. Better understanding technology boosts your personal produtivity
  5. You can reduce tech support calls and help others


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