New Clipix Feature Notifies You When Prices Drop On Products You’ve Clipped

It’s a little like Pinterest and a little like Evernote, as Telecrunch noted. It’s Clipix, a free bookmarking service that lets you clip links, emails, photos and videos, as well as upload any kind of file from your phone or computer. Clipix offers an iOS app and an Android app.

What sets Clipix apart is its patent-pending price drop alerts, which notify users when the price of a clipped retail item is reduced. This works for products and real estate websites.

This price drop alert feature could be quite useful for business users. Say you’ll need a new computer coming up in a few months. You can research a few suitable models on various websites and clip them with Clipix and let the service watch the prices for you. If the price drops on one of the computers, snap it up. Now imagine doing that with real estate or any other product.

Clipix also allows users to share their folders and even collaborate with others in real-time. The service also provides a bar code scanner that makes retaining information easier for users and companies.

“Over the past 9 months the Clipix team has developed a number of unique solutions for users who need a tool to help them be organized online and easily collaborate with others as needed,” said Oded Berkowitz, founder and CEO of Clipix.

Berkowitz told Telecrunch that Clipix is meant to be flexible, “so you can easily create a folder for all the research you are doing about a purchase, as well as a copy of the warranty after the purchase. His aim is to make Clipix a service that’s what he calls a ‘Pinterest for the real world’ and not just a visual bookmarking tool” for visual content.

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Do you use bookmarking service for your business? What’s your pick? Let us know in the comments!

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