Create An App For Your Small Business To Keep Your Mobile Customers Happy

Creating apps that help customers interact with them is one way that small business owners are keeping up with the ever increasing dependence that consumers have on their smartphones.

Businesses that add smartphone applications can provide customers with a myriad of services which might include account management, and the ability to make appointments without having to make a phone call. Customers might look for coupons or schedule a recurring service. They might use a map feature to find the business or get directions to it. Creating an app can help businesses turn casual customers into loyal customers.

According to the International Data Corporation, smartphones will officially overtake feature phones in sales in 2013, making smartphone use even more common among consumers. With smartphones come apps and many believe that staying up on technology means, for many businesses, the willingness to invest in the creation of an app.

App Express is one company that’s helping small businesses create apps that work for them.  Because many small business owners might be a bit overwhelmed by the idea of creating an app, App Express is focused on making it easy for business owners. This means there’s no coding necessary and no large upfront costs.

With more and more people using their smartphones to write emails, handle business tasks and manage personal needs, it stands to reason they might head to their smartphone to find the location of a sandwich shop or auto care store.  If they have an app for that auto care store, they can check hours, get a map to the store and, with just one touch, dial the store to ask a specific question.

And small business owners shouldn’t feel that they will be relegated to the bottom of the app heap. With a company like App Express at the helm, small businesses can enjoy elegant designs and feature-heavy apps that deliver all the specific features customers want.

Some of the possible features for these small business apps include appointment scheduling, sharing (allowing customers to “like” the business on Twitter or Facebook), offering deals and coupons, payments (letting customers pay on the go and letting small business owners receive payments instantly), and information, such as location and hours.

Recently, Local Book Publishing partnered with App Express. The deal allows Local Book Publishing to resell App Express to its advertisers in Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Utah and Arizona.

‘Working with App Express accelerates our move into mobile and allows us to offer our advertisers an affordable option for engaging mobile customers,” said Kevin Neuberger, vice president of operations at Local Book Publishing.

App Express focuses its energies on partnering with a network of white-label providers and resellers, just like Local Book Publishing, with an emphasis on helping small businesses prosper.

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