Eight Project Management Tools That Help You Pull Your Team Together

Project management tools are applications or software that manage and track all projects, documents, clients, discussions, files, and events. They typically use a cloud-based system which means everything is stored within the application rather than across countless individual devices. The single biggest benefit is the ability to manage your entire business using just one website, software, or mobile app.

Whether you have a team of three or thirty, project management applications allow you to manage your entire business and all your projects through one simple interface. Tired of forgotten tasks, lost documents, poor collaboration, or miscommunications? Project management tools allow you to plan, manage, and track everything to ensure you are always working toward your goals.

You can use these apps to organize, manage, communicate, schedule, collaborate, make decisions, create and edit documents, and a lot more. Whatever your business does or whatever your project is, you can definitely find a tool that suits your needs.

At SmallBizTechnology, we use Asana to manage all content and writers. Administrators post available article topics and assign them to individual writers. When you assign a task you include the main notes relative to the task, any subtasks, attachments, set priorities, and assign due dates. As an administrator you can set permissions for your team so individuals only have access to specific tasks or projects. The application allows the editor and the writer to collaborate more effectively since everything is always right there, in one single location. Asana is free for teams with under 30 members. while larger teams can access premium packages starting at $300 per month.

Another good cloud-based project management app is inLoox, which allows you to plan, manage, track, budget, report, and document everything in your daily workflow using any device. You can also opt for the traditional desktop installation software that fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook. The application has a number of different licenses you can purchase starting at $390 for a single-user and a sliding scale for teams depending on the number of members. Unlike the other tools, you only buy the license without having to pay a monthly fee.

One of the most popular project management tools out there is Basecamp, which allows you to see everything going on in your business on a single page. That page includes every project, list, discussion, document, and deadline you have. You can also add clients, vendors, and contractors with variable permission settings. Basecamp starts at $30 per month for 15 simultaneous projects while the unlimited version costs $150 per month.

While Basecamp is one of the more full-featured applications, Trello is a free and minimalistic approach to project management. The app is essentially designed as a web or mobile version of a bulletin board. You can create unlimited boards with unlimited categories. Everything you post goes on a card that goes on the board. Cards can include tasks, checklists, attachments, due dates, and any notes and discussions. You can assign cards to members and track all of the activity on each card.

Other popular options include DeskAway, LiquidPlanner, Zoho Projects, and Producteev but the list in pretty much endless.

Project management tools are quickly becoming the standard in small business because they empower you to dramatically improve planning, tracking, and the overall focus of your daily workflow at a very accessible price tag. These applications are great for ensuring your team is working toward your business goals and avoiding anything being lost in the shuffle.

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Igor Derysh

Igor Derysh is a freelance writer based in New York City. In six years of professional writing he has covered tech and business for COED Magazine, NYC Magazine, ThisorThat, Manwall, and Padalog. He is also the resident baseball expert at SportsJerks.net and a contributor to FantasyPros.com.

11 thoughts on “Eight Project Management Tools That Help You Pull Your Team Together

    • Lily B

      I think proofhub is the best tool that can be included in your list. This tool is really useful + this tool contains free trial too.

  1. John Gaziano

    Excel based project management templates are also good for project management. Cloud based (inLoox) and excel based (PM Toolkit) project management templates both are good for the managing the project where team members are not located at one place. Team members can manage their task with sub-ordinate efficiently so that project will not get fall off due to lack of communication and can be delivered successfully to the boss and client.

  2. Jimmy

    Basecamp, trello etc are old fashioned tools that are also lacks in many features like proofing, time tracking, sub tasks, labels etc. I am using proofhub.com as a collaboration and project management software and it is helping me a lot.


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