Email Marketing Wars: ReachMail Takes A Shot At The Competition With Free Email Campaign

Compared to all possible methods of promoting your business through the internet, such as search engine marketing, online advertising and social media marketing, email marketing is believed to be one of the most efficient, effective and budget friendly. Email marketing can be used create awareness of a product or service, announce promotions or simply strengthen ties with your customer.There are some sections in the marketing circles that feel email marketing might lose its sheen to other marketing tools like search marketing or social media marketing. But facts and figures draw a totally different picture.

You can reach a large number of people from your target segment in shortest possible time. When you are sending an email, you are not shooting in the dark; you know who is going to read the communication and what effect it is going to have. A recent study conducted by Monetate, a company that helps businesses optimize their online presence,  shows that email marketing is the most effective marketing method in terms of driving actual sales. They also found out that 4.24 percent of prospects from email marketing actually make a purchase, as compared to 2.49 percent prospects from search engines, and just over half a percent from social media.

A 2012 survey of 1500 consumers conducted by ExactTarget, an interactive marketing company, revealed that 77 percent of the consumers prefer email as a medium to receive marketing messages. The study also reconfirmed that email marketing targets are more likely to make a purchase than targets of any other marketing communication

It is cheap. By spending only a few dollars on an email marketing campaign, you can generate considerable sales. The results are measurable; you know how many have people actually read your mail, and acted upon it.

There are several companies that offer comprehensive software packages for email marketing. Of them, ReachMail  has recently launched a brazen military style ‘This Means More’ campaign, in which the company has taken a direct shot at two of their competitors and some of the more established players in the market – iContact and Constant Contact.

ReachMail company President, John Murphy, has this to say – “Small businesses could save hundreds of dollars by switching to ReachMail. We offer the same or better services as Constant Contact and iContact, free of charge and with better customer care.”  The company allows users to send up to 15000 mails to up to 5000 subscribers for free. They also offer free templates, built-in social media sharing, tests to measure effectiveness of the campaign, designing of customer surveys and unlimited customer support.

So how much ‘more’ does ReachMail really offer? Here is the roundup of the free offerings of other service providers.

Mailchimp: Allows you to send 12000 emails to up to 2000 subscribers per month for free.

Constant Contact: Offers a 60 day free trial, allowing you to send unlimited mails to up to 100 subscribers. Thereafter, you have to pay a monthly fee ranging from $15 for 500 subscribers to $150 for 25000 subscribers.

iContact: The free services are just for trial, and the minimum monthly fee is $10, which allows you to send mails to 250 subscribers. Rates increase with the number of subscribers.

Customer’s using ReachMail can save up to $600 annually compared to similar volumes utilized across its competitors. Given its price and offer of a free email marketing account for life,  ReachMail’s latest product offering is a wonderful display of business acumen and a clear winner in terms of pricing.  However, as per available reviews the winner in terms of service is Constant Contact with its above average service support.  Besides extended hours of customer service via phone, the company also has webinars and videos to help users understand the site. Its advanced features include multi-lingual templates and ability to add surveys as part of the email. 

Its a classic battle between experience and quality versus lower pricing and ease of accessibility. We let you to decide who is a winner in terms of meeting your business needs.

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Rhea Gaur

Based in India, Rhea Gaur is a former banking professional having worked over 14 years with global organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank and ABN AMRO Bank N.V. She has extensive experience across various facets of business such as service quality, market research, process development and corporate communications. She is currently working as a freelance writer with special interest in topics related to business and economics.

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