Running A Fleet of Vehicles? Five Reasons You Need Fleet Tracking

Technology is here! You can do more than slap a “How’s My Driving?” sticker on the back of your fleet trucks. If your business makes use of a fleet of vehicles, you should be thinking about fleet management. GPS tracking collects valuable data points that can help increase productivity and decrease your fuel consumption.

Companies like Fleetmatics, Nero Global Tracking and Networkfleet offer GPS tracking and analytics for transportation, delivery, service, and trucking industries. Fleetmatics says the benefits don’t stop at knowing where your employees are and reducing fuel costs. There’s also better route guidance, faster emergency response and improved vehicle maintenance.

Here’s how:

  1. Sometimes drivers take the long way. Without seeing the GPS data, you can’t know and can’t tell your driver there’s a short cut that takes ten minutes off the drive.
  2. “When drivers keep their own time sheets and ’round up’ or ’round down,’ you pay,” says Fleetmatics. When you know where your vehicles are and how long they’re there, you know how many hours have been worked.
  3. You’ve got proof of service in the case of a dispute with a customer or employee. C Jones Trucking “was sued by former employees claiming that they were due overtime pay for not traveling out of state. By law, trucking companies are exempt from paying overtime fees if the vehicles travel out of state. C Jones was able to pull all their records and prove that they didn’t owe the additional $120,000 in overtime wages,” says Fleetmatics.
  4. If your vehicle is stolen, you can get it back. According to Nero Global Tracking, “Houston Landscapes saw an instant return on investment from their GPS fleet tracking solution when they not only recovered a stolen back hoe in less than hour, but also received a huge insurance discount on every asset.”
  5. You can set up alerts for when your drivers are speeding. Fleetmatics says, “When people see a recklessly driven vehicle with your company’s logo on it, they assume that your company does not care about the safety of the community. Keep not only your vehicles but also your company’s name in tact by tracking your fleet.”

Tell us about your fleet tracking experiences in the comments! Success stories or cautionary tales, we want to hear them. Have you had success with fleet tracking?

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3 thoughts on “Running A Fleet of Vehicles? Five Reasons You Need Fleet Tracking

  1. Tim Alexander

    This sort of tracking can really be a boon for a fleet company. From a management prospective as well as a safety prospective these companies benefit greatly. That isn’t even including all the smaller additional bonuses that come along with it


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