Generate More Leads from the Cloud With Leads 360 Express CRM

When it comes to small business tools essential to developing a successful business, a good customer relationship management (CRM) software would rank at the top of the list.  A good CRM software product not only keeps track of customer contacts, prospect updates, and sales status information, but would also provide selling processes, email templates, workflow tracking, and more— a far cry from the over-used, dog-eared cards in the bulky Rolodex of yesteryear.  Thankfully we have the newly launched Leads360 Express, a cloud-based sales CRM solution, with a mission to make selling easier for small businesses.

“To keep up with the goliath’s in the industry, small businesses need to respond quickly and diligently to sales opportunities,” says Alyssa Trenkamp, Senior Marketing Manager for Leads360 Express.  “With Express, winning sales strategies are baked into the product for an immediate competitive advantage.”

Touted as the “sales equalizer,” Leads360 Express, because it is a cloud-based CRM, requires no installation and allows small businesses to capture and track leads from any source.  The system will distribute and prioritize leads, respond to leads with one-click phone dialing, and analyze leads conversion rates and the effectiveness of sales campaigns.

Leads360 Express offers many features that help small businesses track, file, and store every aspect of CRM including:

  • Instant Lead Capture– Captures inbound phone as well as online leads
  • Automatic Lead Distribution- Assigns leads to representatives for quick follow-up
  • Prioritization Engine- Sorts leads in real-time creating a leads priority view
  • Email Marketing– Automatically sends emails to leads when milestones are reached
  • Sales Mobility- Allows users to login from anywhere using computer or iPhone app

Of course there are other CRM software tools available and some even offer services in the cloud, but Leads360 Express provides a more focused approach with an emphasis to helping small businesses improve sales conversion rates and grow revenues.  Leads360 Express offers two pricing plans, $24.99 (Make it Rain Plan) and $64.99 (Make it Pour Plan).  Unlike Salesforce Sales Cloud, which customers have to pay for a year up front, Leads360 Express offers a zero-risk, pay-as-you-go monthly plan.  That makes life easier and a lot more organized than your traditional desktop Rolodex.


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Johnny Duncan

Johnny Duncan is a business writer with a passion for helping businesses succeed with words that win. Johnny has a MA in Human Resources Management, is PHR certified, and has coached business leaders and trained their team members in customer service, employee relations, and other people-side-of-business issues.

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