Have A Rock Star Employee? Wish You Could Hire More of the Same? New Software Can Help.

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It’s frustrating to have rock star employees and when you are hiring for an open position you’re not sure how to find more of the same. Well technology can help.

Pairin, Inc. recently launched Employee Pairin, a web-based solution for pre-employment selection designed for small organizations and departments to compare a final few top applicants to their highest-performing employee.

Here’s some more information from their recent press release:

Founded by Dr. Ron Young (PhD in Psychology) and Michael L. Simpson, Denver-based Pairin “flips” the hiring process by emphasizing behavioral traits and design first, followed by experience and other considerations. The newly launched company enters the fast-growing, pre-employment selection market with a portfolio of easily integrated and affordable SaaS applications.

Leveraging more than 50 years of proven science, Employee Pairin provides a simple 10-minute online test that creates a one-to-one comparison according to 137 peak performance drivers. The solution is ideal for companies with less than six employees in the same position, but with at least one “model” employee to compare against the top applicant.

For $49 per 30-day job posting, organizations test the model employee against a top applicant, with the option to build a custom-branded job application or registration page that can integrate with an existing online application or eRecruitment solution. Additional applicant tests are just $29 each.

At Infusionsoft, where I work, we are always looking for the best employees, it’s not always easy. What about your business? Looking to hire more great employees? Looks like Parin might be able to help.

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