How Content Discovery Can Help Engage Bored Readers On Your Blog

If you own a blog, chances are your readers won’t like everything they read. There are also lots of good posts that will just sit in the back alleys of the Internet without ever being visited again. Readers are very fickle and there’s little you can do about it, unless you have a system in which you can give them links to related and/or popular posts that they will most likely click on.

Why do you need people to click on more of your content? The answer is simple: The more time people spend on your blog, the more Google favors you. There’s a metric known as the “bounce rate,” which basically tells you how many people leave your blog after seeing just one article. You don’t want that number to be high. Considering that the average bounce rate for news and media sites is 55%, you’re going to have to work really hard for your small business’ blog to capture the attention of its readers. Most of the blogs I’ve seen have bounce rates between 60-80%, with the majority on the upper end of the spectrum.

One of the ways you can fix this is through content discovery platforms. Through software like nRelate or YARPP, you can show visitors content that’s similar to what they’re currently reading or your most popular content. Directing your readers to something that’s more likely to catch their attention will keep them engaged and score you more possible conversions. It will also make them more likely to click on any advertising that you place on your blog, scoring you more revenue on that end.

If you can get a decent amount of visitors into your blog, that’s good for you. But, if you can’t keep them inside, there’s no way you are going to sell a product. Content discovery can really turn things around for you. If you want my best advice, try looking at sites that have managed to engage you. Ask yourself: What did they do to keep me reading? You’ll quickly notice that they had links to related entries and perhaps a “Most Popular” section. There’s your answer!

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Miguel Leiva-Gomez is the owner of The Tech Guy, a blog that presents futuristic and current news about technology with a light touch of humor, catering to the average consumer and prospective investor. Miguel has been working with computers and gadgets for more than a decade, working together with people to help them solve their problems and breaking down complex concepts into simple bite-sized pieces that the average Joe can chew.

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