How One Moving Company Increased Revenue Using Mobile Analytics

At one time, when someone was ready to move, the Yellow Pages was a go-to source for finding the best moving company. But for today’s consumer, locating a nearby business is easy as speaking into a smartphone or tablet. This has presented new challenges in small businesses interested in reaching customers.

Easy Moving Company was faced with this challenge recently. The Texas-based business wanted to reach mobile customers in the most effective way possible. The company’s goal was to attract new customers without breaking its budget. Like many small businesses, Easy Moving Company has a limited budget to spend on marketing campaigns, so it was important for the company to make the most of every dollar.

Working together, VocalizeMobile and ClickFuel were able to help Easy Moving Company achieve–and even exceed–its goals. The two companies provide an easy-to-use analytics dashboard to help track all of the moving company’s marketing campaigns. Using these analytics, Easy Moving Company was able to adjust their campaign over time to ensure they were spending each dollar on the right efforts.

VocalizeMobile provides tools to help businesses maximize their mobile search campaigns. By teaming up with ClickFuel, a campaign performance dashboard solution, VocalizeMobile was able to give Easy Moving Company the full suite of services it needed. According to ClickFuel CEO Steve Pogorzelski, this gave Easy Moving Company’s owner confidence in knowing he was in control of his marketing spend.

Easy Moving Company’s dashboard gave the company an ongoing visual snapshot of all of the company’s marketing campaigns, tracking clicks, leads, and incoming calls. Having this snapshot each step of the way allowed him to adjust his campaign accordingly, giving him the opportunity to make changes to his campaign. VocalizeMobile used the information from the ClickFuel dashboard to show Easy Moving Company how the campaign had a 75 percent success rate in converting calls into customers. VocalizeMobile was also able to show a Easy Moving Company a $500,000 increase in revenue during the campaign, which helped the company expand throughout Texas.

ClickFuel is a SaaS-based solution that provides dashboards designed to help with small business marketing campaigns. VocalizeMobile helps drive SMBs create highly-targeted mobile campaigns. Using ClickFuel, VocalizeMobile is able to show small businesses real-time analytics on the success of marketing campaigns.

“The average small business owner is time-starved and cash-strapped, with marketing as one of many different hats he or she wears,” Pogorzelski says. “However, because marketing is one of the biggest investments a SMB makes, analytics to substantiate this investment and make marketing campaign adjustments is vital. ClickFuel’s Fuel Station grants SMB owners easy access to insights from marketing data and the confidence to make smart marketing decisions based on past results.”

By using these tools, small businesses can ensure each dollar spent on mobile marketing achieves results. While nothing is guaranteed, tracking is a great way to learn more about how customers are connecting with your product or service. The benefits of this can extend beyond your marketing campaign…to tell you more about whether you should make changes to your basic business model to better meet customer needs.

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