Video Is Now Essential In Marketing. Check Out This One Stop Shop For Business Video Production

Does your business need a video? An ad, a profile, an explainer? SoMedia Networks wants to be your first and last call to get the job done. This Vancouver startup says they can cut video production costs by 50 per cent with their services and they’ve partnered with 3,400 videographers across North America in order to create great business videos.

“Traditionally, video production has been expensive, time consuming, and not available for resale,” said George Fleming, CEO of SoMedia Networks. “Well not any more—SoMedia’s ScalableVideo Service provides digital agencies and web services companies with reliable, professional video production anywhere in North America at the lowest price point possible.”

Here’s how it works:

You select the kind of video you need from a wide variety offered. Maybe you need a testimonial video, or a commercial. There are templates, as well as video lengths,  to choose from. Thirty seconds or one minute – it’s totally up to you. Then you can manage the shooting, editing and creative from the website, while SoMedia’s partners work away on your video.

The video can be shot by videographers, or you can build a video from existing footage and animation in minutes. If you’re using original footage, the video is available for review and download in fewer than fourteen days from the scheduled shoot – guaranteed.

As part of the ScalableVideo Service, SoMedia provides its partners with end-to-end implementation and marketing support, custom branded collateral, dedicated sales specialists, and market planning.

“According to a recent survey of SoMedia partners, 79 per cent believe that offering video services will give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.” said Colin Osing, Vice President of Marketing for SoMedia Networks. “ScalableVideo provides our partners with the competitive edge they are looking for as well as a new profit center for their business.”

Customers want to see your product or service in action. Our archives have some great resources for video marketing: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Get Into Video, and 3 Videos Every Business Should Have.

Does your business have a video? Share it in the comments!

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