It’s Time To Put Your Vending Machines In The Cloud

Vending machines are about to get very funky due to new regulations in the  the Affordable Care Act that was passed. New regulations require operators owning more than 20 vending machines to show nutrition information for certain products. Despite the regulations, it’s really not a bad idea altogether if you want to maximize your earnings from vending machines.

The problem here is the hassle. Vending machines are very tough to keep up to date. If you change a product, there’s a lot you have to do to update the nutritional information. What if you had a solution that could do all of this for you without having to make you run around in circles?

Meet VendScreen, the company with a portable and accessible solution on the cloud that does exactly what I mentioned above. This company offers two very powerful products (among a number of others) that can really make your day:

  • VendScreen Revolution – With VendScreen Revolution, you get a portable device that can be retrofitted into any vending machine. The software’s based on Android and accepts many different payment types, including bank cards, mobile wallets, and QR codes. This inspires customers to make purchases despite not having any cash at hand. This solution comes integrated within certain new Wittern Group machines, branded as “VendScreen Realize.” The Realize line actually has a bigger screen than the Revolution line because it doesn’t have to be retrofitted.
  • VendScreen React – Along with Revolution, you can use an Android app that lets you manage a whole fleet of vending machines from one small panel on your smartphone. This app is unbelievably useful and also shows you where your customers’ vending machines are and which ones are close to you. Service call information is available at the top of the panel, showing you exactly what you need to resolve in short time.

Whether you’re looking to purchase and have a vending machine running at your business place, or you’re looking to integrate new compliant technologies in the vending machines you operate, you can easily give end users a very pleasant, interactive, and convenient experience!

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