Know What Visitors Are Doing “Now” On Your Web Site and Respond In Real Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, in real time what customers are doing on your web site? If they are looking for a sweater you could reach out to them in real time to help and/or encourage them to buy two sweaters.

I know Google Analytics has a beta version of a tool to see real time browsing data – but it’s not of specific customers.

Lexity recently released a new application, Lexity Live Sales, which sends online merchants notifications to alert them of customer activity in their store, enabling them to monitor their store while they are on the go, via their smartphone. It also provides the ability for online retailers to initiate an online chat, via their smartphone, with the prospective customer, helping to convert visitors into buyers.

“For online store owners that are on the go, Lexity Live Sales enables them to monitor their store at all times, from wherever they are, “said Amit Kumar, CEO of Lexity. “It’s a powerful tool for closing sales, because online store owners are notified (via text or email) when a prospective customer is interested in buying, and it enables them to immediately engage with the customer via online chat– all from the online retailer’s smartphone.”

According to their press release, with Lexity Live Sales, online merchants are notified via text or email of activity in their store, based on customer behavior (e.g. pre-configured rules might be more than 5 minutes on site, number of web pages visited, etc). Along with the notification, the app enables business owners to view the individual customer’s online shopping activity. The online retailer can then easily initiate an online chat with prospective customers to answer questions and close the sale.

While it’s essential to NURTURE your prospects and NURTURE your customers, it’s also important to react in “Internet time” to the current desires of your customers and prospects.


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