New Partnership Creates The Most Comprehensive Source of Cloud Applications For Small Businesses

There is good news for small businesses across the globe. World renowned mobile application development pioneer App Direct has partnered with The Small Business Web, the trade association for cloud-based software for small businesses, to launch the Small Business Web Directory. This partnership creates the most comprehensive source of cloud applications for businesses.

So what do you get from the Small Business Web Directory?

The Small Business Web Directory offers almost 200 applications in a range of categories—including accounting, human resources, email marketing, and more—to help small businesses manage their operations more effectively. The idea behind this joint venture was to allow small business enterprises to make use of the latest technological advancements for the benefit of their business, with lower costs and less hassle. This would allow them to penetrate the market even further, thereby increasing sales volume as well.

This ideology was made crystal clear by Daniel Saks, President and Co-CEO of App Direct, who stated “a company’s size should never be a barrier to its success, especially when it comes to technology. Through our partnership with the Small Business Web, we’re able to help small businesses find, try and buy the best applications for their companies”.

The Small Business Web Directory benefits not just the small business community. There are tons of app developers who are struggling to persuade takers for their apps which may have great business value but are ignored on the basis of lack of exposure to a global level. With this joint venture, App Direct and Small Business Web have opened up a whole new world for developers to interact with potential business clients and help garner investments for their products.

The reason behind so many experts believing that this venture is going to be highly successful is because of the utilization of Open API’s in the directory during development of apps which enables creation of Open Programs that can be customized later which improves flexibility as well.

According to Pamela O’Hara, Chair of The Small Business Web and CEO of Batchbook, “the enterprise software can be rather restrictive that make it more difficult for small businesses to manage their companies. With open development standards, it’s believed that these small businesses will have the flexibility they need to grow without the software hassle”.

Why the cloud element?

The answer to this is obviously known to everyone. When you have a service like cloud integrated with a revolutionary business platform like the Small Business Web Directory, then the combination can become a deadly force to help businesses tackle the obstacles that they face especially small and medium business enterprises. When cloud computing service delivery is possible on demand, it cuts down on costs, which will ultimately benefit your business enterprise. The only obstacle you’ll face is choosing which cloud applications are the right ones for your business.

So as far as small and medium business enterprises are concerned, having a new solution to find cloud-based open source software is a huge benefit, from both a cost and operational perspective. Hopefully we’ll see more partnerships, such as this one, popping up in the near future to help small businesses reach greater success and sustainability.

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Mandira Srivastava

Mandira Srivastava is based in Bangalore, India. Equipped with mass communication degree, she started her career as editor-coordinator at Vadamalia media. She is a professional writer with over 4 years of experience and specializes in article writing, article rewriting and custom content development for websites & blogs.

2 thoughts on “New Partnership Creates The Most Comprehensive Source of Cloud Applications For Small Businesses

  1. Chirs

    There are thousands of cloud-based business apps out there, so how can 200 apps be the “most comprehensive source of cloud business applications for small businesses”?

    You readers can go to GetApp for much more choice, close to 5000 apps listed at

    BTW, the vast majority have open APIs, it is now a norm to play in this industry.

    The rest of the article on the benefits of cloud apps for SMBs is fine though.


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