Offer An App? Cut Through The App Store Competition With Text Messaging

With close to a million apps in Apple’s store and hundreds of thousands of Android apps in Google Play, it’s tough to cut through the competition and get your app out there.

A new study suggests text messaging is the way to go to engage users and monetize apps. The study, Communicate, Connect & Curate: 3 Ways You Can Encourage Mobile App Re-engagement With SMS, was put together by tyntec and Mobile Groove and is full of interesting findings and food for thought.

The core statistic that the entire concept hinges on is “48 percent of 18-24 year olds believe text messaging is just as meaningful as an actual conversation with the person on the phone.” It’s plain to see that younger generations are more comfortable communicating through text, and for advertisers, SMS is global, fast, cheap and discreet.

Getting to your customers with text messaging is also a valuable direct one-on-one connection and takes control of the app delivery system. “Telling your audience to find your app in an app store is like sending them into a warehouse piled high with competing products,” states the report. With a text message, you bypass the whole app store environment.

Your text message should provide users with a one-click call-to-action to get your app. GET IT Mobile, a company that specializes in SMS campaigns, has achieved customer conversion rates of up to 30 percent with SMS calls-to-action. One of GET IT’s clients “drove over 100,000 installs in just three months, saving $100,000 in acquisition costs,”  according to GET IT President Steve Gleitsmann.

Those are some impressive numbers and the immediacy of text messaging is definitely worth considering. The value of textual communication is only going to go up with future generations. There’s more on marketing through SMS in our archive.

For a look at the full report, check out tyntec’s website.

Have you ever tried marketing through text messaging, and was it successful? Let us know in the comments below!


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