ReachLocal’s Success Expands to Businesses That Use It

Tim Britton had a store full of radio-controlled vehicles, airplanes, and more. Already experiencing success locally with his store, RC Hobbies, Britton wanted to expand his customer base nationwide, so he contacted ReachLocal. Soon after his ReachLocal campaign began, Britton began seeing an increase in foot traffic, online orders, and calls for information.

“ReachLocal statistics are easy to see how the customers increase,” Britton says in a video on ReachLocal’s site. “You can see it increase in phone calls, web orders, and in e-mails.”

Britton remains impressed with the personalized attention his ReachLocal sales rep, Mike, gives his store. ReachLocal’s sales reps work directly with clients to hone campaigns, frequently revisiting concepts and reviewing statistics. Britton’s rep frequently stops by the store to go over everything in person, which gives clients a chance to ask questions and request specific changes.

RC Hobbies is one of many small businesses that have found success with ReachLocal. That success has extended to ReachLocal itself, which recently boasted fourth-quarter revenue growth of 20 percent over 2011’s fourth quarter. The company currently helps 22,000 companies around the globe through developing highly successful online marketing campaigns.

Perhaps most notable is ReachLocal’s announcement that active advertisers with the service grew 15 percent. The number of active campaigns is up 18 percent from last year’s fourth quarter, ReachLocal says. The company specializes in local businesses, helping them specifically target customers in their own neighborhood. Using “feet-on-the-street” marketing consultants that visit small business owners in person, ReachLocal has been able to help local businesses reach a location-specific group of people in a world where the local phone directory is no longer a source of information.

ReachLocal goes beyond the local retail store, however. Among its many happy customers are:

  • Physicians. Dr. Lowell T. Ku used ReachLocal to promote his infertility clinic, Dallas IVF. Dr. Ku has found the information he’s gained from ReachLocal has helped him pinpoint issues in his clinic to ensure top customer satisfaction. Since joining forces with ReachLocal, he has found he and his partners in the specialty have gone from being booked a week or two in advance to being booked three weeks out and more.
  • Veterinarians. All Care Pets Center was a new business, interested in getting the word out about their offerings. The phone book wasn’t bringing the results the veterinary clinic wanted, so they contacted ReachLocal. Once their campaign launched, All Care Pets Center was able to obtain metrics to determine where the campaign was working and what needed to be improved.
  • Property Management. Lincoln Property Company has been able to increase its traffic markedly since signing on with ReachLocal. In fact, 35-55 percent of its traffic has come from ReachLocal, according to Jennifer Staciokas, VP of training and marketing. The property management company is able to use the information it has gained from ReachLocal to train its staff, improving customer service.

Recently, ReachLocal announced it was taking its offerings a step further, adding local marketing tools to its offerings. ReachSite and ReachConvert will help local business owners turn website visitors into leads, which they can then convert into customers.

“We founded ReachLocal to solve the local marketing problem for SMBs by developing innovative solutions to help them generate leads from local consumers,” said CEO Zorik Gordon. “Now, we’re innovating again by helping local businesses convert more leads and enable their customers to digitally book and buy from them. This is really the next evolution of solving the ‘local’ problem, and we’re excited to yet again be leading the way.”

Local marketing remains a challenge for many small businesses. But thanks to solutions like ReachLocal, business owners can put their campaigns in the hands of experts who can help them succeed in attracting new customers and achieving their dreams.

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Stephanie Faris

Stephanie is a freelance writer and young adult/middle grade novelist, who worked in information systems for more than a decade. Her first book, 30 Days of No Gossip, will be released by Simon and Schuster in spring 2014. She lives in Nashville with her husband.

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