Should You Offer Printing To Your Customers? HP Makes it Possible

Hp ePrint started the evolution enabling easier mobile printing – giving printers an email address.

HP recently announced that its Public Print Location (PPL) network  is now available to small businesses who want to offer customers cloud printing services from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

The new printer-based HP Public Print Locations application for select HP LaserJet and HP Officejet printers allows businesses such as coffee shops, boutique hotels and retailers to register their printers on the HP PPL network. This allows their customers to securely submit print jobs directly from their device to the printer in the participating business.

So maybe you’ve started offering free (or paid) WiFi to customers visiting your store. Now you might want to consider enabling them to print as well.

Users can access the HP PPL network and geolocate the nearest location to submit jobs from the HP ePrint Service app or by logging on to

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