Go The Extra Mile So Your Customers Will Visit – Put Parking On Your Website!

Your site is a place where potential customers find out all the information you can provide about your business. This includes products, services, pricing, and a little bit about you. If your establishment is in a busy city, perhaps that’s not the only information you should display on your site.

According to a report by the Auto Blog, 90% of the average car’s lifespan is spent in a parking lot. Added to that, on average, 30% of a city’s traffic consists of people looking for parking spots. That’s one hassle that every person has to go through in daily life, and one hassle you can take off their shoulders by displaying parking information on your website. Besides convenience, helping your customers find parking spaces near your business also helps the environment by reducing emissions that would have otherwise been spent undertaking such a task. If you’re into environmental friendliness, this is one way to greatly contribute to your cause.

Meet Parker Map, a product by Streetline that lets you display a mini map of the area surrounding your establishment right on your website. All you have to do is type in the name of your business and its address, and then select the dimensions with which you’d like to display the map. Once you’ve done that, a code appears at the bottom of the page that you can paste anywhere on your site. Once you save the code onto your site, you can visit the page and see the map there.

This method is the best way to keep potential and current customers happy without paying a dime, while achieving re-visits to your site by returning customers that want to come over to buy something. Nothing says “welcome” better than telling them where they can park their big machines and minimize the amount of time spent walking to your place. The map also inadvertently shows customers what mass transit stations are nearby in case they do not have vehicles. It’s also the best way to say “I’m green” without having to invest a small fortune to do so!

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