The Smallbiztechnology Weekly Roundup and Look At What’s Ahead

Each week on, we post a lot of articles that help small businesses GROW their business.  We want to make sure you didn’t miss anything, so he’s a quick roundup of what we talked about last week and a sneak peek at what we’ll be sending your way in the week to come.

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This past week we had some fantastic stories on what you should be learning about your customers from analytics, tech solutions for retailers wanting local customers, what you can expect from the Microsoft Office 365 upgrades and a social network advertising comparison: Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

Plus we gave you a list of must-have travel apps to keep you organized and productive on the road, a look at why technology training helps you, your employees and your business, some compelling stories about why you might want GPS tracking devices on your assets and a discussion on how social selling is beyond technology and the focus should be on human relations.

We examined the wisdom of Yahoo’s decision to stop allowing employees to work remotely, showed you how you can hire more rock star employees, saw how the printer is evolving to stay relevant and asked if you should offer printing to your customers.

We had app ideas, a way to cut through App Store competition with text messaging and computer cleaning tips.

In business news, Evernote started off the week with a worrisome email letting their users know they’d been hacked. We gave you some tips on how to minimize the damage if you are hacked.

We covered Yodle’s expanding their dental marketing software, Groupon launching new analytic features for all users and a Google AdWords upgrade that made it easier to advertise on more devices.

This week coming up, there’s a lot more coming your way.

  • Ever wonder what visitors are doing on your website right now? We’ve got a look at how you can see what they’re doing and how you can respond in real time.
  • Then, if you’re wondering if telecommuting can work for your business, Staples has some intriguing thoughts on the matter.
  • We’ve got some ways to tell if your blog is written by humans, for humans.
  • There’s some news on companies tapping into and encouraging innovators by offering free work space, what you need to know about network security, and three solutions to the problem of needing to access your files remotely.
  • The Young Entrepreneur Council has 10 beta launch dos and don’ts for you, and we’re giving you three reasons a mobile text campaign could be a good addition to your marketing plan.

We’ve got all that and a lot more coming up, so stayed tuned. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see on the site, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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