Three Reasons Why You Should Add A Mobile Text Campaign To Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Running a business today is certainly not as simple as it used to be in the” pre “social media and mobile technology era.  Besides the usual components of setting up shop, ensuring supply of goods or services, hiring the right people, prospecting customers and finally making a sale, businesses must also engage clients via their website, marketing campaigns and social media platforms. To this effect, CRM or Client Relationship Management has become an imperative business solution for tracking and managing client interactions across channels. Simply put, this is what an effective CRM achieves: CRM = Better Customer Profiling = Targeted Client Campaigns =Differential Client Experience = Higher Sales!

Courtesy cloud technology, more and more small businesses today are able to implement CRM systems and develop marketing strategies basis gathered customer intelligence. However, the conundrum most small business owners face is choosing a marketing method that is both effective and affordable. 

Mobile Texts: The most cost effective CRM tool for small businesses

SMS, or mobile text is fast becoming a popular way for communicating with clients and here’s why.

Firstly, almost everyone has a mobile phone; some estimates put the number of smart phones sold each year as higher than the number of PC’s sold. Not to mention that smart phones are being used as comprehensive business communication devices. This means that customers can be reached on their phones almost all through the day.

Secondly, SMS text campaigns are cheaper compared to print and televised ad campaigns. And venturing into a social media marketing campaign can be rather daunting, especially for smaller businesses who may lack the necessary manpower, resources or technical expertise.

Thirdly, text marketing messages are sent to customers who have agreed to receive communication from the specific business, making it the most effective way to reach the target audience. It is estimated more than 90 percent of campaign text messages are read by recipients and have a response rate that is much higher than traditional media.

With SMS marketing businesses can offer mobile coupons for redemption, send appointment reminders as well as market products and services (think SMS sweepstakes).

Looking to initiate an SMS Campaign?  Here are some Free Trial Options!

To address concerns of prospective first time clients on the effectiveness of mobile text campaigns, several SMS marketing companies offer a free trial period of about a month. If you are a small business owner who has been contemplating a marketing SMS campaign for a while, here are some companies that offer a free trial account.

EzTexting is a SMS marketing specialist that has handled campaigns for over 50000 companies, which includes the likes of Pepsi and Domino’s Pizza. You can generate an SMS campaign on their website via a free trial account (no credit card details needed). Their paid packages vary from $29 for 200 messages to $149 for 6600 messages a month, with free incoming messages. The company also supports Canadian cell phone carriers. Visit their website to read some of the company’s success stories.

SnapGiant is a social and mobile marketing provider that offers a 30 day trial of 100 messages. Its pricing varies from $24 for 500 messages to about $175 for 5000 messages a month, with a roll over message of credits.

GreenRope with its trademarked business operating solution has also introduced SMS marketing services as part of its overall CRM offering. Besides the free trial offer, it is priced competitively at $99 for 1000 contacts to $169 for 7500 contacts per month.

SimpleTextin is an SMS marketing company which offers 50 free messages for the first trial month. It has the option of paying for a specific number of messages to unlimited subscribers or sending unlimited messages to a specific number of subscribers.

A 2012 empirical study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) concluded that businesses should spend at least 7 percent of their marketing budget on mobile campaigns. Whether yours is a business that deals in real estate, travel and tourism, event coordination or is a non-profit organization or a grocery /department store, mobile text campaigns offer an affordable, simple and effective platform for reaching out to existing and potential customers.

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Rhea Gaur

Based in India, Rhea Gaur is a former banking professional having worked over 14 years with global organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank and ABN AMRO Bank N.V. She has extensive experience across various facets of business such as service quality, market research, process development and corporate communications. She is currently working as a freelance writer with special interest in topics related to business and economics.

2 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Should Add A Mobile Text Campaign To Your Small Business Marketing Plan

  1. Stephen Jackson

    There are some gaping omissions in this article that business owners should know. In order to be successful with a text messaging program you must have a mobile opt-in list. On average a small business owner will spend more than 30 days building a relevant list of opt-in subscribers.

    In order to build a list of opt-in subscribers a business owner will have to offer an incentive to entice people to opt-in to the mobile list much like email marketing. Additionally, a business owner will have to use additional marketing tools to market information about the mobile list or include opt-in information on existing marketing communications. Hooters use offers like Super Bowl tickets and concert tickets to build their mobile list.

    A business owner cannot take their email list even if they have collected phone numbers and start sending text messages to the people on the list unless those people specifically agreed to receive text messages.

    Last if you are going to use a free trial you should use a company that will work with you to establish agreed upon marketing goals, not just provide you some mobile tools a web interface and some how-to videos. Choose a company that will provide you with best practice information on mobile marketing and is a member or accredited through the Mobile Marketing Association


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