Two Compelling Stories About Why You Might Want GPS Tracking Devices On Your Assets

Theft happens. It’s everywhere, and you’re business isn’t immune to it. If nothing’s happened to you yet, ask around. You’ll hear at least a handful of horror stories about how some very valuable asset was stolen. You won’t hear many stories about how these business owners purchased a GPS-based tracking device. There’s where the problem lies. If you can’t track  the location of your assets, you’re giving up at least some control over them.

Let’s leave theft aside for a moment. Do you operate a business that has a fleet of vehicles? How do you know that your employees aren’t taking detours en-route? How can you be sure that a 30-minute lunch break really lasts 30 minutes when the vehicle is miles away? Asset tracking is useful for more than theft.

Today, I’ll share the stories of two businesses. One of them had a theft issue and the other one had a fleet tracking issue. Both of them solved their issues by purchasing a GPS tracking device like Securus’ eZoom Locator. Here are their stories:

Tony From Miami

Meet Tony. He hosts events for his customers in Miami, FL. When hurricanes hit Miami, they cause major power outages, which can prove challenging for his operations. To mitigate this issue, Tony decided to purchase a 48 kW high-powered trailer-mounted generator. These things cost around $20,000 and are very easy to transport, making them – consequentially – easy to steal. To make things worse, there’s little to do with regards to concealing the generator while running, since the device cannot operate indoors or under any sort of enclosure. Only after purchasing the generator does Tony realize that it is uninsurable. As a result, he decides to buy a GPS tracking device and stores it deep within the generator’s interior, making it difficult for thieves to realize its presence.

One day, Tony is out in Orlando when he receives a text message from a strange number telling him that the device is moving from its current location. He immediately calls authorities. While in Orlando, Tony tracks the generator from his laptop and updates the police with new locations. The police eventually find the generator outside a warehouse, where the thieves abandon it temporarily to find out if it’s being tracked. The GPS tracker just saved Tony $20,000 in replacing his asset.

Kumar From Birmingham

Kumar runs a cleaning service in Virginia. Along with the service, he has a fleet of vehicles that are dispatched to customers’ locations for their convenience. The problem with running a fleet, as mentioned earlier, is that there’s no way to know if your fleet vehicles are being used for their purpose. To clean up his service, Kumar decides to buy a GPS tracking device and plant it on every vehicle he operates. This way, he knows if there are any unscheduled stops, breaks, or if vehicles are speeding. He can even grab the location of a vehicle that requests assistance so that help can be quickly dispatched. The immediate benefits of this are higher operations efficiency and greater employee safety. Who can say no to that?

Lessons Learned

If you have anything, and I mean anything, of value that you’d prefer not to be stolen, a small investment of just a hundred dollars can completely minimize or otherwise eliminate the possibility of theft. For any tracking needs, a GPS tracking device is the best investment you can make. It’s not as immense an investment as it was years ago, so there’s really no excuse anymore!

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