Three Business Card Readers That Make Managing Your New Contacts Quick and Easy

Business cards are a must for small business owners. The information provided on that valuable card will allow you to spread the word about your business as well as make contacts with like-minded professionals. Have you ever met someone and took their business card, only to lose it later – right when you needed to contact the person? With the invention of business card readers, this dilemma is a thing of the past.

Business card readers are the latest innovation in smartphone technology designed to make doing business easier. In a nutshell, a business card reader is an app that allows you to capture an image of the business card, which is then stored digitally. The software will recognize basic fields (such as name, company, email, and phone) and organize it into your mobile address book. Having the information in electronic form, you can quickly share it with others. While some business card readers come with hardware – a device to hold your phone and set the business card into place – you can also use the software without it. Many companies make business card readers, and there are apps for whatever smartphone you use.

One popular business card reader for the iPhone is WorldCard Link. You can download the app for free, or pay an additional fee if you want the hardware (business card holder). Do you wish there was an easy way to get the business card information from your phone to your computer? Try WorldCard Link Pro, where they take the technology of the business card reader and combine it with PC software that syncs to your PC and allows you to share over the cloud.

Android or Windows smartphone users can also enjoy the convenience of business card readers. CamCard makes a free app for Android, and the Windows version costs just $3.99. ABBYY’s Business Card Reader is another option. There are free ‘lite’ versions, as well as upgraded versions that you can buy for Windows, Android, and iPhone. Another great choice is the Business Card Reader from Shape. Available only for the iPhone, this card reader has some cool features including native LinkedIn integration as well as integration with CRM programs and Salesforce.

Business card readers are definitely a new technology that all small businesses should look into. They will help you avoid losing contact information, reduce clutter in your office, and save you time from manually entering the information in your address book. Since you always carry your smart phone with you, your contact information will be at your fingertips, and the ability to share contact information with the click of a button will help word-of-mouth advertising for small businesses. With all the free options available, why not try one out today?

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