Two New Facebook Features Add Help To Businesses Managing Multiple Pages

Managing multiple Facebook pages for businesses with several locations used to be quite a challenge as administrators had to find ways to organize a list of different accounts and pages for each of their sites. Thankfully, Facebook improved that process in 2011 with the introduction of parent and child pages. Now, they are working to improve the user functionality even further with features called “Graph Search” and “Nearby.”

The parent and child pages give the parent administrator full access and control of information being shared on all the child accounts associated with it. This becomes especially helpful for specials and deals the company may want to send out to all locations. The administrator can even push profile photos and cover images through the parent page as well.

The newer features like Graph Search allow the user the ability to look up anything shared with them on Facebook, with each search being unique to that user. For example, a search could be done for “restaurants my friends like,” or “friends who like to ski.” Our very own Ramon Ray, editor of, recently wrote about the new Graph features and what we can expect.

The Nearby tool helps the user find places near them, based on their activity as well as their friends activity. People can search by category, like restaurants or hair salons, and can run the search right from their mobile device.  This includes getting directions, ratings and recommendations. Searches can also be run for check-in deals that are close to the user’s current location.

“From national fashion brands to regional franchises, any company that has more than five locations and is leveraging Facebook as part of its marketing effort should seriously consider the sales and mobile engagement opportunities this unique functionality affords,” says Jason Cormier, Co-founder of Room 214, a firm that assists companies looking to implement and manage these features.

Facebook also recently rolled out updates to another application for managing content. “Pages” gives an administrator access to manage their content right from their mobile phone or tablet.

Have you used any of the new Facebook features?  If so, what do you think?

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