Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Business: Add An Affordable Executive Leadership Team

Online media and mobile technology companies are growing at an unbelievably rapid pace. Just with mobile services alone, The International Telecommunication Union reports that 6 billion people in the world subscribe to a mobile service, which totals about 87% of the world’s population.  This means businesses are surfacing everywhere looking to capitalize on the development of applications, devices and programs for these emerging technologies.

These small businesses may run into a few problems, though, like tight budgets and a lack of leadership advice within their organizations.  Because of these problems, technology startups often find themselves in great need of marketing and  sales and development assistance that’s usually only available through the executive leadership at larger companies with bigger bank accounts.

However, there is a solution. Some companies are now stepping in to provide executive leadership solutions in a somewhat unique fashion.  This help comes not just in the form of a few consultants, but a fully-committed leadership team that can provide the specific technological insight and results needed to drive profitability for the small business. This means many startups can get the benefits of an experienced council through a model that still increases their ROI. They do this by saving on the costs of the senior personnel through a time-share approach.

“Emerging mobile and online media technology companies typically cannot afford top-level marketing and business development executives needed to achieve the next level of their success. In many cases these companies don’t need a full-time executive, which complicates filling leadership roles even further.”  said Roger Pavane, one of the managing partners at Fractionality, a company providing this service to small businesses.

Unlike the more common practice companies have been utilizing with consulting and advising firms, this business approach doesn’t focus on just a few consults. Instead, this is a fully-committed team that is dedicated to the smaller, day-to-day revenue generating work that more typical advisers or consultation teams do not care to focus on.

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Amy Post

Amy is a former news reporter who currently works in marketing for a large technical college. In her spare time she enjoys writing, running and spending time with family and friends.

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    Interesting concept though not completely unfamiliar. Was expecting more of a case study type article based on the title but still enjoyed it.


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