Wondering If Telecommuting Can Work For Your Business? Staples Thinks It Can.

I’m a firm believer that telecommuting done right can work very well for any business. This does not mean it IS for every business or that it is for every employee. But there are surely benefits to consider.

Staples gives a few best practices for telecommuting success:

  • Connectivity – With IT connectivity issues being a main concern for both parties, telecommuting programs should ensure easy access to email, document sharing, instant messaging and video conferencing.
  • Network Access – Provide remote VPN capabilities so telecommuters can easily access the network.
  • Data Backup and Security – Employees need to be educated about data backup and security best practices to avoid risky practices such as emailing sensitive information.
  • Ergonomics –Incorporate ergonomic furniture options into telecommuting offerings—59 percent of survey respondents would accept company-purchased, ergonomic furniture, which would create a healthier work environment.
  • Storage – Desk and drawer organizers, file cabinets and additional storage options help telecommuters minimize clutter and maximize space, making home office environments more productive.
  • Sustainability – Environmentally preferable furniture options not only help support individual employee and company green initiatives, but also help promote healthier work and living spaces.

While Staples offers a zillion products for you to buy for your home office, they’ve also got a team of folks who can help you navigate through telecommuting establishment for your company. Check that resource out here.


2 thoughts on “Wondering If Telecommuting Can Work For Your Business? Staples Thinks It Can.

  1. william james

    Hmm rightly said ramon!! Lots of things are depending on different-different technologies. But It’s also important that all communication devices are working properly.


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