Yahoo Nixed Remote Employees: Here’s 5 Reasons Work At Home Can Work

So last week the “world of work” exploded with the news that Yahoo (of all places) required employees to not work remotely. I think Yahoo was clear that remote employment did not work for THEM (at this time) and that’s fair. But I think it did bring up the issue overall – what about remote employees for the rest of us?

If managed properly and if expectations are understood on both sides it surely can work and work well.

I’m a remote employee with Infusionsoft.

Regus, which provides temporary office space around the country offers these tips for successful remote employee working, read the full article here.

1. Establish Goals:  Write down plans and create a vision for your new workplace initiative that incorporates objectives and benefits to the individual, the team and the organization.  Implement a results-based management program that will allow managers to easily set and measure goals and objectives for their virtual workforce.

2. Maintain Regular Communication: Keep on top of projects by checking in regularly and understanding the nature of the work employees are engaged in.  Lead by example; schedule meetings in person and using video-conferencing to create as much face-to-face interaction as possible.

3. Have On-demand Space Available:  Offer those employees working remotely or from home access to professional workplaces when they need it.  Workers need to be assured they can tap into professional services and support when required.   The ability to collaborate and network is key personal and corporate growth.

4. Promote Corporate Culture:  Encourage corporate camaraderie by creating opportunities for your employees to formally and informally socialize, as well as form networks with other professionals.  These connections can reinforce your corporate culture and identity.  Include remote workers in corporate events such as holiday parties and corporate outings.

5. Encourage Feedback:  Empathize with employees and listen to their concerns regarding working remotely to help secure their buy-in.  Employee input could help improve the execution of the virtual working program.

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