14 Keys To Social Media Dominance

A couple of weeks ago I was at a Project Enterprise event, in Brooklyn New York for small business owners. My opening comments were 14 keys to social media dominance for new users.  Here are those quick and simple, 14 keys for you to use on your quest to the top:

1. Frequency
2. Consistency
3. Relevancy
4. Use Images and other engaging elements (polls, questions, etc)
5. Have the basics first (email newsletter, good website, blog)
6. Have a good profile image (no hidden face or your children or dog)
7. Test and test and refine
8. Don’t worry about being on every social network
9. Measure your work with the social networks analytics or your own (ie. Facebook Insights or Dlvr.it )
10. Don’t worry about the tech details when you first start out
11. Blogging is not a job – it’s a means to an end
12. Use great headlines – think like a front page story newspaper editor
13. Highlight others (it’s not all about you)
14. Focus on your personal brand and share accordingly – don’t write about jewelry, bread making and dog grooming if you’re a lawyer

By following these 14 points, you can put you and your business on the road to Social Media dominance, too!

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