3 Hacking Techniques You Need To Be Aware Of This Tax Season

With more people using the internet to do their taxes, there is an increase in the potential damage that can result in the event of being hacked by cyber criminals. A lot of personal and financial information is shared online during tax season, so everyone needs to be on high alert.

To help you with that, the Director of Security Strategy for WatchGuard Technologies, Corey Nachreiner, sent us a list of common hacking techniques that bad guys use to gain access to your information.

Let’s take a look:

Clickjacking: This technique tricks users by making them think they are clicking one button or link, but it is actually a hijacked link. Hackers build a transparent page over a seemingly innocent website, and when consumers click through the webpage, they end up clicking on malicious links within that transparent overlay.

Spear phishing: In this message-based tactic, a hacker sends a personalized email, IM message or message via social media (Twitter, Facebook). Since the message is customized for the victim, it can seem innocent and the target feels comfortable to click on a malicious link which allows malware to be loaded onto the computer.

Drive-by downloads: There are two ways this method of hacking can happen: a user authorizes a download without understanding exactly what the action will be, or a download happens without awareness from the user. Pop-up advertisements and error messages are common catalysts for drive-by downloads – when a user tries to close the window, they actually trigger a download to initiate.

Watch out for those. On a PC, good antivirus software and some vigilance can go a long way. To avoid being phished, always ensure that the website you’re on is legit by checking the address bar before entering personal information.

WatchGuard previously gave us five ways to keep your business’s wireless network secure.

Let us know in the comments about other things to watch out for! Have you ever had an experience with being hacked?

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