Acronis Delivers A Cloud and Local Storage Backup Hybrid For Small Businesses

I don’t know about you, but I’m paranoid about my hard drives. I’m worried they’ll fail and I’ll lose all my important documents and photos and everything else on my computer. My old laptop had a lot of problems and I lost a lot of data as a result. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when you have work to do. It slows you right down. It forces one to really thing about their storage backup choices.

Currently, I keep a backup of my entire hard drive on an external drive. Having my data in two places gives me a lot of peace of mine. I can’t trust anything important to just one location, so for those of you who want real peace of mind for your business data should take a look at Acronis Small Office: Server Cloud Backup.

Acronis combines local storage (your own external drive) with cloud storage, so your data is in three locations. It’s on your computer, it’s on a nearby external drive that you control, and it’s on a distant server, so that in the event someone spills a full carton of orange juice on your computer and external drive, your data is safe.

I have a Mac, so my backups are done by Time Machine, which replicates my hard drive and subsequently only backs up changes made since the last backup. Acronis has similar functionality, which is really fantastic. It makes backup time a lot shorter.

“Small business owners rely on their computers and mobile devices, and can’t afford downtime or data loss,” said Dmitri Joukovski, senior vice president, product management, Acronis. “We provide SOHO users with a secure hybrid cloud solution, a reliable alternative to new-to-market or public cloud solutions, helping to ensure business continuity and secure data protection. Our solution is enterprise-grade, yet extremely easy to use, and is based on proven technology that millions of customers trust.”

Acronis Small Office: Server Cloud Backup subscription packages start at $499 for a one-year subscription, which includes 350 GB of Acronis cloud storage, and scale up to a three-year subscription plan with one TB of cloud storage. You can try out a free trial before you buy.








Let us know in the comments about your backup solutions and if you’ve had a nightmare situation with data loss!

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