Rocket Lawyer: The Power of A Legal Team On Your Mobile Phone

When your small business has a legal issue, such as with document review or incorporation, certainly your answer is to call up the lawyer you have on retainer and have it taken care of. No fuss, no muss, and everything is done to perfection.

That’s ideal, of course. Who out there really has the funds to have a lawyer on retainer, though? Well…actually, you do.

Turns out the Internet is not a totally shady place after all, even with something lawyer-related. No doubt you’ve heard of resources such as, where you can find affordable and simple means to get uncomplicated legal issues (such as the aforementioned incorporation) completed relatively quickly and cheaply.

That’s not as fast, though, as say a mobile app. A service called Rocket Lawyer offers an app for your iPhone, or if you prefer Android instead, there’s one for it as well.

Rocket Lawyer offers on-the-go advice on your phone, including:

  • The Ask a Lawyer function lets you submit a question to the Rocket Lawyer network of lawyers and receive an answer from a local, licensed attorney.
  • The Consult function lets you locate a lawyer close to you, offering their address and phone number as well so you can give them a call immediately.
  • The Legal Document function lets you fill in pre-made forms with information to sign and share, making it easy to get commitments on the spot instead of having to wait for scanning, printing, e-mailing, or snail-mailing.
  • The Review Documents function lets you review, resend, sign, and edit any forms you may have created or received right then and there, again instead of having to do them on a ‘real’ computer.

Rocket Lawyer also offers a service called Legal Health Score, which lets your business determine its level of ‘legal wellness.’ This factor is based on a number of things, such as whether or not your business is incorporated or if your legal contracts are in writing or not. This service then offers you step-by-step instructions on how to improve your health score and rectify any real or potential legal vulnerabilities.

Rocket Lawyer is no gee-whiz overnight startup from just a few weeks before; it’s been in business since 2009 and has seen growth upwards of 700,000 viewers a month. It’s also often featured in news publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times, among others.

The overall ‘wellness’ of your business’s legal health is the best way for you to protect yourself from possible issues down the road, especially document-related, and can help you forge a relationship with a lawyer local to you. What you pay now for legal health will in the long run keep your legal costs down, of course…much like modern medicine. Anything that can help you find the weak areas in your business and help you become more robust, such as this Rocket Lawyer app, is better than even the best ‘two lawyers walk into a bar…” joke.

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Michael Eckenfels

Michael is a writer and instructional designer, having worked in both fields for over a decade. He has had extensive corporate and freelance experience with a variety of business fields, including oil and gas, finance, health care, entertainment, and computer software. Michael is also an actor, having been in a wide variety of stage, series, and films over the last three years.

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