Avoid The Cost Of Downtime With A Proactive Approach To IT

Have you ever calculated the true cost of lost time due to server or other technology problems?

Lucky for those of us who don’t do our own calculations like this, CMIT Solutions, a leading provider of managed services and other computer consulting services, has. The company recently released some stunning numbers that calculate the real cost of IT problems.

Consider this scenario: You are a company owner and you have 150 employees with an annual average salary of $50,000 each. When a server crashes at your company, employees are without email and database access and the IT guy is called. While he works his way over to your office and proceeds to fix the problems, your employees might be sitting tight doing little while they wait for the repair. This certainly costs your company productivity as well as money.

According to CMIT, full time employees work 2,000 hours a year in general. Employees who earn $50,000 a year make roughly $25 per hour; multiply that by 150 workers and you have paid your employees a total of $3,750 for the time they have been unable to do what they need to do at their jobs.

Aside from that loss, there are other losses – you pay for the IT guy to come to the office and do the repair (perhaps with extra costs added in for holidays or after hours calls) and you lose orders. If you would normally make about $1,000 an hour in sales or orders, and you are down for only an hour, you lose that, too. Now your cost is nearly $5,000 for just the lost productivity and the lost sales.

Though most companies have the forethought to make sure there’s an automatic backup system in place, not all do. If that simple one-hour of downtime actually turns into days or weeks of downtime because of a catastrophic server failure (and you don’t have the proper protections in place), you could lose thousands of dollars and experience a host of other problems (including loss of customers).

CMIT advocates for a different approach to handling server and other IT issues. If you start with an IT company that offers a proactive approach to protecting networks and computers, you can avoid this entire scenario altogether.

The company specializes in this active approach to computer and server safety and actively monitors client servers, computers, mobile devices and critical components like routers and firewalls for problems. When issues are resolved before they become major problems, you avoid economic and other losses that can occur due to downtime.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that the costs of downtime due to server (or other) issues can be significant. Making the investment in a company that can prevent downtime issues can be a small step toward productivity and success.


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