Pay By Comment For Facebook Makes Commerce Easier than Ever

It’s happened to me countless times: I go on Facebook and see an ad that interests me, click it, and spend the next fifteen minutes navigating the new website that popped up in a different tab or window. However, the social commerce company Chirpify seeks to remedy that situation. It is the first and only way that businesses, non-profits, and consumers can buy, sell, donate, and raise funds directly through the Facebook news feed. And the method is intuitive to anyone who uses Facebook. All you have to do is comment.

Chirpify has already been enabled to allow for pay by reply and comment for Twitter and Instagram, and with Facebook, as well, Chirpify allows for in-stream commerce on the three top social media sites. By typing “buy,” “donate,” or “gimme,” consumers can buy, donate, or enter a giveaway without having to navigate additional pages.

This service is attracting some big names. The NBA Portland Trailblazers, MLS Portland Timbers, and the bands Neon Trees and Owl City were chosen to test Chirpify for Facebook before it was available to all brands, and already Green Day, Taco Bell, and Keith Richards have used Chirpify over the last year to sell, for fundraising, and to orchestrate giveaways on Twitter and Instagram.

Chris Teso, CEO of Chirpify says, “By expanding Chirpify to the top three major social media sites, we’ve created the only social commerce platform that enables businesses to list and distribute products to each social media platform, and consumers to purchase in-stream on each without ever leaving.”

With such an easy and efficient way to purchase or sell products and promote yourself through giveaways, Chirpify can allow businesses to expand and advertise, or in fact work entirely, through the three top social media sites, allowing for a type of publicity that can’t be bought. Especially with the like and share features of Facebook, any business can reach exponentially more people than they could through more traditional means.’s own Ramon Ray has created “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing,” a book about how small businesses can market themselves through Facebook, and teaches prospective business owners how to create their profile, how to use Facebook’s unique marketing tools, and other information from Facebook’s own staff. With more than 350 million registered users, Facebook allows businesses to branch out into a larger market.

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Dimitri Jordan

Dimitri Jordan is a student working on a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a second in Ancient Studies. He is also a freelance writer, often concerned with concepts in technology and media.

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