Cool New Device Makes Your Computer Ring When You Get An Important Message

Your computer opens a new world of possibilities for you, as far as communication is concerned. Of course, you don’t always spend time with your eyes attached to it, just like you don’t spend a lot of time in front of your phone. Could you imagine how life would be if phones didn’t ring when people called? How come computers don’t ring like phones do when you get a message?

Sometimes, message notification sounds are not enough. If you’re having a particularly busy day, you’re probably not going to be able to respond to every message you get. You probably want your computer to “ring” only when you get important messages. How could you make this happen?

Meet Sonic Alert’s Sonic Connect 2. This simple USB device does more than notify you when you receive a message. It integrates with instant messaging applications, email clients, and video conferencing software (like Skype), giving you a full range of message notification capabilities.

When you receive a message, an ultra-bright LED lights up and the device rings loudly, letting you know that you’ve got something waiting for you at the PC. If you’re not around while it rings, you don’t need to worry about missing anything, since Sonic Connect 2 will light up in red to show you that something’s waiting for you.

To use this device, you only need to plug it into a free USB port and install the software on the computer you’re using it on. While you’re attending to other duties, the Sonic Connect device will ring and flash brightly. It also has the option of tactile interaction (vibration mode), with or without the ringing tone, in case it’s too obnoxious for you or you don’t want to disturb others.

It’s stunning how no one really thinks about the fact that phones ring, yet computers are still completely silent. While you’re carried away trimming hedges, you’re probably not thinking about checking your email for customer orders. This device will let you know whether you got something waiting for you so you don’t have to pop back at your computer and waste time checking whether something arrived.

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