Deliver Better Customer Service By Creating A Contact Center In The Cloud

A component of virtually every successful business is often an adequate contact center that responds to customer concerns. While you may not have the money for a full-blown PBX IP solution just for three or four people, there is a way to get champagne with a beer budget: Leverage the cloud and adopt communication as a service (CaaS) software.  This allows you to have a completely functional contact center without having to pay for overly expensive software or hardware.

CaaS isn’t always easy to get your hands on as a small business owner, but there is a solution out there on the market right now that might just suit you: Interactive Intelligence’s CaaS Small Center. This contact center solution combines practically every form of communication (chat, SMS, email, and regular phone calls), giving you the flexibility and interactive capabilities that larger enterprises have enjoyed for so many years.

This user-friendly interface unifies everything into one screen and lets you easily respond to support requests and calls. You’ll experience reduced response times, a higher level of customer satisfaction and an outward image that shows you have a professional business under your thumb. You don’t necessarily have to lose the “mom and pop” feel that customers get when they call you directly. It’s all about creativity and establishing a framework which recreates this environment with every one of your contact center employees.

If you’re spending a lot of time trying to organize your support infrastructure and have, at many points, resorted to¬†improvising, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief with your own CaaS taking the helm. Employees can respond to calls whenever you’re not able to, and you can focus on other things, like the little crises that often pop up on a heavy ordering day.

CaaS Small Center costs $99 per user per month. But, to find out if the solution is right for you, Interactive Intelligence gives you a 14-day trial run without any commitments. Also, this is a pay-as-you-go service.

Where there’s a will, there’s a software package ready to pump iron for you. Markets are nothing if not innovative, and it’s your time to shine with enterprise-class software that’s finally at your fingertips. It’s time you adopt a solution that will help you retain customers by giving them a decent response time for their troubles.

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  1. Jason Napierski

    Small contact centers have the same needs as large contact centers, but obviously don’t have the same budget. What’s good about a contact center in the cloud is that it isn’t a burden on already limited IT resources.


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