Five Must-Have Mobile Accessories for the Small Business Owner

Almost every business professional today is armed with an arsenal of mobile devices. But the true power of a mobile device lies in its accessories. As small business owners move from meeting to meeting throughout the day, there are certain accessories they rely upon to keep devices running. Below, professionals weigh in on some of their favorite mobile accessories that are must-haves for the small business owner.


Mobile 4G Hot Spot

Busy entrepreneurs, tired of the endless search for a wi-fi connection while on the road, find mobile 4G hot spots invaluable. Market Action’s Clayton Cohn recommends the Verizon MiFi 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

“Reception everywhere, extremely fast, connects up to five devices, and it doesn’t tie up my cell phone as a hot spot either,” Cohn says. “Simply a must have. You can pick one up from Verizon (they have a few models) for free with rebate, and it costs $60 per month for 5 GB of data, if I’m not mistaken.”

iPhone Battery Case

Cases like the Mophie Juice Pack can extend the battery life of a mobile device by up to 100 percent. While you’re charging your phone, you’re charging the case, as well, letting your phone last throughout your work day and beyond.

“As a busy small business owner I am always on my phone,” Anita Hodzic, owner of BA House Cleaning, says. “Whether it’s talking and emailing clients, texting employees, searching the web or scheduling appointments, I wouldn’t be able to do all of this without the iPhone battery case. My phone stays charged all day long!”

Bluetooth Keyboard

Smartphone and tablet owners can take advantage of cases with built-in bluetooth keyboards to allow easy typing while on-the-go. Some of the more popular and highly rated keyboards come from Logitech and Zagg.

“I have to have a case and a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad,” says social media and content consultant James T. Dabbagian, M.A. “I write in several places and make notes, and I much prefer it to the built-in iPad keyboard. I personally recommend a case that comes with a Bluetooth keyboard, so you don’t need to pack two separate things.”

Mobile Card Reader

Mobile card readers have become all the rage in the business world, with Square and PayPal Here leading the way. These free card readers slip into the headphone jack of your mobile device and interact with an app to transfer money from the buyer’s account to the business’s.

“By far, one of the most useful mobile accessories is the Square card reader,” Internet marketing coach Liz Theresa says. “It is indispensable if you meet a client who wants to pay right then and there! No need to PayPal it. They can just swipe their card and BOOM. And Square is a free gadget – perfect for those on a budget.”

Portable Projector

“As someone who does keynote presentations all the time I wanted to be super portable,” Robert Fishbone says. “Besides my tabletop video projector that I use with my MacBook Air, I wanted something even tinier. I kept looking at the Brookstone 85 Lumen Pocket Projector and finally took the plunge at an airport store while on a trip.”

Fishbone adds that the projector works best with the Go Universal app, allowing it to project video and presentations from an iPhone or iPad. He also adds the projector comes with an added benefit to projecting presentations during meetings. Traveling business owners can watch Netflix movies on hotel room walls after a long, busy day.

Using accessories, a small business professional can turbo-charge mobile devices, keeping them connected and working wherever they go. With 24/7 connectivity to the Cloud allowing professionals the ability to have a portable office, these accessories can be crucial to keeping devices running productively throughout the day and evening.

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