Five Simple Steps To High-Quality Content

Creating high quality content means creating value to keep your audience engaged. As more small businesses move into content marketing by using their blogs, articles and videos to capture a new audience and drive more traffic, here are our must-know content creation tips:

1. Know your audience

Different types of content appeal to different people. Make sure you know who you targeting and tailor your content to connect with your desired audience from the get-go. In addition, make sure of all your content is edited. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes are a fast way to lose credibility and your audience.

2. Keep it compelling

When creating long-form content, beware of long blocks of content that will have people skimming to the end or worse, losing interest after the first sentence. Keep your ratio of text to images in mind by using 5-6 paragraphs of text per page interspersed with high-quality images.

3. Mix up your media

High-quality content doesn’t only mean a well-written piece. Beyond articles, using multimedia like videos, slideshows, photos, playlists and recipes is a great way to keep your audience engaged across a variety of formats.

4. Offer more

If your content is engaging, your audience will want more. Offer the option to read or sign up for more, provide you with feedback or share it with others.

5. Present value not a pitch

The best content focuses on educating, entertaining and delivering value to an audience rather than a hard pitch for a product or service. Don’t clutter your audience’s time with pointless content geared for SEO juice and links. Instead, ask what’s in it for your audience and how you can captivate through your expertise on a particular topic in your space.


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Natalie Chan leads the marketing acquisition efforts for Outbrain's Amplify self-serve product. A native from Sydney, Australia, Natalie previously managed customer acquisition at the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. Prior to this, she was a Senior Business Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi spending time in both Sydney and New York office on accounts including Sony and P&G.

2 thoughts on “Five Simple Steps To High-Quality Content

  1. Jim McArdle

    Hello Natalia,
    Awesome article is very important to know who you are writing to. Content is everything online and helps hit the need. Many companies don’t understand this if they only know increasing relevant content will increase audience engagement.

  2. Raymond Franqui

    Thank you Ms. Natalie: I am a newbie in the blogging world and currently
    learning as much as I can about the topic. Great advice in your
    message. It got my brain gears turning when you said “know your
    audience”. Is almost like picturing the kind of person I want to reach so my message fits somewhere in their day to day routine.
    Keeping this in mind while I write will keep my message relevant and
    effective in attracting people to my blog and someday have a loyal
    audience. I look forward to more of your content.


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