Four Essentials For Growing a Top Notch Contact List For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

While email marketing has the ability to deliver highly valuable, informative, and helpful content to your subscribers while keeping it personal and regular, new subscribers signing up for your email marketing list is a sure sign of your success in business – it’s a sign of trust, an intent to buy, or at least subscribers’ willingness to hear more from you. No wonder then that the need for building your contact list is relentless and all encompassing. Here’s our recipe for growing a top-notch contact list

Grow your list on merit

It’s easy enough to write out multiple series of emails with various intents and schedule them to arrive at your subscribers’ inboxes. The hard part is to develop emails with passion and purpose: what is the purpose of sending out emails that read like they’ve just been spewed out by a machine? How do emails fetch results without a sliver of life within them? Further, emails are just delivery vehicles but what really matters what you put in them. If there’s one way to grow a powerful, responsive, and high quality contact list, it’s to grow your list based on merit and hard work.

There are no shortcuts.

Exceptional contact list is built on value

Economics dwells on this lesson and pretty much all business runs on it: nothing of value can be traded with something, which is much lower in value. Every contact on your list is a highly valued, interested lead – a possible customer. To keep that interest alive and to ultimately help convert your leads into repeat customers, you’ll have to provide value – nothing less will do. Value exchange for your business could mean free trials or extended trials for your subscribers, exclusive information your customers don’t get anywhere else.

Be everywhere your customers are likely to be

There was a time when all you had to do was to have an email opt-in page on your blog, as a popup, or even as a landing page. Since the number of customer touch points have increased, it just makes sense to have “sign up pages”, “opt-in pages”, and “landing pages” at every possible point your customers are likely to be found: links to landing pages on forums, landing pages exclusive for every busy Q & A site, social media networks, etc.

Use Mobile Apps

Most leading email solutions also provide mobile apps (for both iPhone and Android) to improve your opt-in rates and increase your email subscribers. iCapture for Constant Contact allows you to use iPad to capture subscriber names, emails, and even tweak customer preferences on the move. iCapture free even works offline. Need some Inspiration? You might want to check out examples on how to grow your list to see how some businesses are building their contact lists. Vertical Response has an email marketing mobile application that you could use to manage your campaigns and even check on reports while on the go. – another leading email marketing solution – also has a mobile app  available for free downloads.

How do you intend to grow your mobile list?

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Ashwin Satyanarayana is a content strategist and a technology aficionado who blogs at Groovywebtools. He is also a freelance blogger, Social media consultant, and an entrepreneur. He owns an Internet Marketing company called Fetchprofits .When he isn't writing, which is rarely the case, he is traveling the world.

3 thoughts on “Four Essentials For Growing a Top Notch Contact List For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. Connie

    You summed it up perfectly in a nutshell: “There are no shortcuts.” Quality trumps quantity every time. Thanks for a great article (and the shout-out)! – Connie at VerticalResponse

  2. Latisha Poulard

    Content is King! I will engage potential customers by providing valuable content that speaks to their need. I will be launching my blog soon and further developing my email marketing campaigns, so thanks for the tips. @AKAFitLady


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