Four Tools That Streamline Your Online Orders and Supply Chain Processes

Have you ever had one of those days when orders were so excessive, you nearly broke down trying to administer everything without getting an aneurysm? Despite the great possibilities that technology has given you, nothing can stress you out more than a day full of orders from different online outlets like eBay, Shopify, or Etsy.

So, as you may have seen, the technology could only go so far. Keeping yourself organized and streamlining the order/shipping process makes running an online business a nightmare. Added to that, you have to also worry about marketing and actually getting the shipping done.

Today, Amit Kumar, the CEO and founder of Lexity, will show you what you can do to completely streamline your business’ online orders:

  • Use Stitchlabs to automate your inventory. Stitchlabs will synchronize all your order data from different online shopping venues. All you have to do is focus on keeping up with demand! This is especially useful if you’re selling stuff on more than two sites. Logging into your account and checking in with your customers takes up a lot of time. Stitchlabs will unify all of those platforms into one while providing crucial metrics about your sales.
  • Use Ordoro to sail smoothly through the whole order process. Ordoro is one of those tools that completely streamlines the entire ordering process from the moment an order arrives in your shopping cart. Ordoro allows you to easily print shipping labels with major shipping companies. Their integration helps you quickly get your products to your customers without having to run all the way to FedEx or UPS.
  • Get customers back on the wagon with MailChimp. You’ve probably done it yourself: You’re window shopping on a website, fill up a cart, and leave it behind to pursue other things. Sometimes, you even forget you ever visited the site. MailChimp lets you email customers that abandon their carts. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sale, but it certainly increases your chances for one significantly.
  • Warehouse your stuff with Whiplash. If you’re selling things you make, you probably don’t have all the time to individually ship stuff out to people. This is where Whiplash comes in. Much like how Amazon operates, Whiplash lets you ship your products to them. Then, they ship whatever products you need shipped on demand. Whiplash integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Bandcamp.

Now that you have the tools, all you need to do is get started! Using such a software chain can get the wheels rolling in your business and can seriously enhance your productivity.

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