Gift Cards For Your Small Business Become A Reality With New POS Solution

Until now, you needed a very sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) unit to offer a gift card program that’s easily manageable. In today’s climate, that’s still mostly true. Most of these systems require budgets that small business owners don’t have. Of course, that didn’t stop innovators from creating cloud-based and sleek POS systems that you can use in your retail establishment.

Today, the cloud makes many parts of your business run on autopilot without necessitating an enormous amount of money. NCR is the kind of company that says, “Why can’t that logic be applied to gift cards, too?”

According to the company, only 10 percent of businesses currently offer gift cards. The other 90 percent consider such a thing cost-prohibitive because of the equipment needed to run such an operation. Other solutions to this problem include Triplefy’s gift voucher software. However, the system presents new challenges that might not entice some small business establishments. The ideal all-around solution is a POS setup that can give the same amount of flexibility to customers while not removing a drop of productivity.

Meet NCR Silver, a mobile POS solution that runs on mobile (Apple iOS) hardware. They offer a hardware bundle that gives you everything you need to run the POS from a fixed location. The bundle contains a cash drawer, a credit card reader, and a countertop receipt printer for just under $500. Note that you do not need the bundle to operate with NCR Silver. It’s just there to enhance your experience with fully-compatible accessories.

But the extraordinary thing about this solution is that it lets you run your own gift card operation within its software, extending your possibilities and helping you reach out to new customers. Gift cards carry an additional benefit: most customers purchasing with gift cards spend an additional $30, on average.

NCR’s Silver service costs $79 per month for your first POS, with a one-month contract-free trial. Every device you add will cost 10 cents per transaction, per month, adding up to a maximum of $29 per month. Once you reach that maximum, you don’t pay anything over that.

Whether you’re looking for a lighter-weight POS system to replace your clunky old one, or you’re looking to add your first one, this particular solution expands your horizons and keeps all your sales data tidy.

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