HBH MotorWerks Grows Their Client Base By 900% With The Right Technology Solution!

Sean Hilty spent eight years growing HBH MotorWerks in Nashville, Tennessee as his part-time passion.

“I work on all makes and models of cars and trucks,” says Hilty. “I strive to do better quality work than the big shops for half the cost.”

Hilty joined the PlanetSoHo network in August 2012 to try to grow his business by using their tools and services. PlanetSoHo offers automated invoicing, organizational tools, a custom online storefront and entry into their directory of services and businesses.

Hilty did not anticipate the impact that joining PlanetSoho would have on his business. Within five months of integrating PlanetSoHo, HBH MotorWerks’ saw huge results.  Their customer base grew from 150 to 1,300 clients. That’s almost 900% growth! Now Hilty is considering making his part-time business his full-time life. Beyond just the increased exposure to possible new customers, the software helps Hilty better manage and run his operation.

Hilty uses a paid account and says “it helps me to stay organized, make invoices with ease and I can even do purchase orders without having to figure out what the number is supposed to be or having to hand write it.”

The “SoHo” in PlanetSoHo refers to “small office / home office” businesses and their clients include photographers, writers, architects, bakers, handymen and a whole lot more.

The goal is to allow people to turn their passions into revenue streams. For those less business savvy, PlanetSoHo could be a good option. For those who already have businesses, however, won’t find PlanetSoHo useless. “We’re changing the way business is done by leveling the playing field so you can compete with the big guys. We give you the tools you need to manage your business effectively, and we bring you the kinds of perks previously only available to corporations. “

What online tools do you use to boost your sales? Let us know in the comments!

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