Generating A New Workforce And Controlling Your Operation In The Cloud

During a crisis, something unique happens in the United States: Businesses adapt to changes in the economic and political climate and manage to adapt. New solutions appear in the marketplace that cater to businesses that are suffering and provides them with ways of mitigating their problems to maintain operational sustainability while ensuring that their customers get the same satisfaction out of the services and products that they receive.

This time, the most innovative creation that has managed to solve many small business issues was the advent of cloud computing services, according to ServicePower, a company that provides solutions to businesses that want to diversify their workforce while still retaining the productive power that they always enjoyed. A video demonstration of what ServicePower does can be seen below:

Indeed, the rise of intelligent mobile applications and the cloud have both contributed an enormous amount to the success of today’s workforce. What the cloud offers small businesses today costs a fraction of what large businesses used to enjoy exclusively. The small business is also empowered through the rise of freelancing sites like Elance, where you can hire independent contractors from around the world.

While you hire contractors to do one-time projects, you’ve also got employees on the field. Some solutions, like what ServicePower offers, can make a significant difference in your productivity, allowing you to maintain a higher level of productivity and efficiency. By dispatching your field employees more effectively, you get a better return on investment and improved customer satisfaction.

Where ServicePower helps you with effective field management, freelancing can help you with effective task completion within the office environment. Both solutions free up your budget to a significant degree and allow you to combat unsustainable areas.

By combining freelancers, cloud adoption, and field management, you create an environment that’s basically crisis-proof. You eliminate two factors that might hinder your business: Lack of productivity and excessive investment of time and money in task management.

The solutions are out there. It’s up to you to use them. Perhaps it’s time to push “mom and pop” into the 21st century.

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