Survey Reveals That Without WirelessTechnology Businesses Would Struggle To Survive

It wasn’t so long ago that the smartphones we carry around in our pockets were the stuff of science fiction. But in a relatively short amount of time, mobile devices, applications and wireless internet have completely changed everything. According to a new AT&T survey, 98% of small businesses use some form of wireless technology in their operations.

Further, two-thirds (66%) of small businesses polled indicate that they could not survive – or it would be a major challenge to survive – without wireless technologies.

That’s huge!

When it comes to technology, small businesses are continuing to ratchet up their use of emerging wireless solutions, including tablet computers, 4G devices, and GPS navigation mobile apps.

Here are some of the survey’s other findings:

  • More than half (56%) of smartphones used by small business employees for business purposes are 4G, a 70% jump from last year when only 33% used 4G smartphones.
  • Nine in 10 (90%) of the businesses using 4G smartphones are satisfied with the speed.
  • Despite being a relatively new technology, more than two-thirds (69%) of small businesses surveyed indicate that they use tablet computers.
  • Of small businesses using mobile apps, nearly half (47%) say they could not survive – or it would be a major challenge to survive – without them.

“For small businesses today, wireless solutions have become part of their DNA,” said Cathy Martine, AT&T Executive Vice President of Small Business Solutions. “With the ongoing growth of remote workforces and with virtual offices gaining in popularity, mobility solutions from AT&T are becoming more important than ever in helping small businesses work better, smarter, and faster.”

4G, in particular, is helping businesses video conference and demo with greater ease. File transfers are faster and easier. It’s amazing what a little boost in internet speed can do for you. And, if you think that 4G is just for smartphones, think again! It’s also used for video surveillance purposes.

What do you think about the results of this survey? Do they reflect your experience? Could YOU survive without wireless technology? Let us know in the comments!

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