Is Your SaaS Data Safe and Secure? Make Sure It Is By Backing It Up With Backupify!

Power outages. Storms and disasters. Hacking schemes. Human error. There are many ways you could lose important documents or company data, and many of us have fallen victim in the past. Although some reasons for data loss cannot be prevented, there is a clear and easy solution to the problem: always back up your data in a second location. For those who don’t know where to start – or who are looking for a better option for their business – we’d like to introduce you to Backupify.

Backupify was founded in 2008 as a cloud-based storage option, and is now the chosen tool for over 5,000 businesses. The product ‘Backupify for Google Apps’ connects directly to the Google files of your business such as: Gmail, Google Docs & Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and more. The best part is that the program runs on its own, with no work required from you. Simply install it via the Google Apps Marketplace, and every day Backupify will automatically back up any recently added or updated files. Then, if you ever experience data loss, Backupify will retrieve your documents with one-click restoration or a simple download.

Earlier this month, Backupify demonstrated its commitment to helping businesses safely back up important documents. The Spring Release of Backupify for Google Apps includes many new features that allow administrators and users increased efficiency in managing backups. One update is the Full Domain Export, which enables administrators to download their entire domain for a small fee. With the Google Sites Restore feature, users can quickly and easily restore items to their Google Sites account. Additional features include Configurable Data Retention (the ability to customize the email retention tool), Batch Import of Users (efficiently control lists of users rather than picking and choosing each individual), and the Restore and Export Folder Hierarchy (which retains organizational structure when restoring or exporting accounts).

As an added bonus, Professional and Enterprise plans have been granted unlimited storage. These plans are only $3 and $4 per month per user, respectively, or larger businesses can choose a full domain plan for $990 a month. Since losing data also means losing efficiency, man-hours, and sometimes even profits or clients, Backupify offers an invaluable service for a minimal price. They even offer a 15 day free trial, which will help you decide if it’s the right service for you.

Backupify might or might not be the perfect option for you or not, but regardless, it is time for you to seriously consider data safety. Manually backing up all your files is a possibility, but it takes time and there is always the chance that you may forget – which could cost you. Consider backup software that does the work for you and you’ll gain peace of mind, increased efficiency and protection when you need it most.

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Jennifer Peaslee

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