New Book, ‘The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Business’ Reveals How To Leverage The Popular Social Platform

Business author and columnist Karen Leland will release her new book, Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, on May 1st.  This book outlines how businesses can take full advantage of Pinterest, the social bookmarking site that has grown exponentially over the last three years.

Pinterest allows users to create their own online scrapbook of images to share with followers. The site has grown rapidly since its launch in 2010, by co-founder Ben Silbermann, now the company’s CEO, alongside Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra.

In May of last year, the site gained significant investment from Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten to the tune of $100,000, which along the site’s previous investors valued Pinterest at $1.5 billion.  The site is now the third largest social network with 48.7 million members globally and as of February of this year, is valued at $2.5 billion, according to Reuters.

Much like Facebook, Twitter, et al that have revolutionized the world of marketing and promotion, Pinterest now joins the elite group of social media platforms, where small businesses need to leverage its benefits. Retail companies were the first to take advantage of the site’s possibilities and marketing professionals were quick to know a good thing when they see it. Karen Leland has delved headfirst into this area with her new book Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business.

With a publication date of May 1st, Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, published by Entrepreneur Magazine Press, aims to collate the vital information a business needs to leverage the social media platform for their advantage.

Leland starts with the basics on how to get registered and begin pinning, and from there, how to grow your Pinterest presence. Whether it’s drawing traffic to your page, driving potential customers to a sale or devising pinning strategies, Leland goes into much depth to show you how to benefit from Pinterest, both here and now, and in the long term.

She will run you through the different ways to organize your pin board in the best way to suit your business and most importantly, how to make sense of features like Pinterest Web Analytics to gauge your audience and tailor your reach to them.

Karen has previously written nine books on business and marketing, including ‘Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day’ and ‘Public Speaking In An Instant: 60 Ways to Stand Up and Be Heard’. She is also the President of the Sterling Marketing Group, working alongside many high profile companies like AT&T, Apple and American Express and many Fortune 500 businesses.

If you’re looking for even more reading on the power of social media in small business, Small Biz Technology editor Ramon Ray’s new book The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing gives insight into the roles of social media in business, specifically the use of Facebook as a marketing tool.

Both reads will give you unique look into the ever changing worlds of digital media marketing and how to get the most out of every option available to you.

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Jonathan Keane

Jonathan is a freelance writer who writes in the fields of business, tech and entertainment. You’ll find him on Twitter @J_K9

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  1. Jake Finn

    thanks for the head’s up! I already use Colibri Tool for my site’s analytics and bulk of it comes from social networking platforms – specifically Twitter and LinkedIn. Utilizing pinterest would be a good idea since as mentioned on the post, it has an in-house analytics program


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