Next Generation Order Management With Freestyle Commerce

New order management has come to town. It’s Freestyle Commerce from Dydacomp, a cloud-based solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

What does it do? It allows merchants to run retail or distribution operations smarter and simpler with just a browser and an Internet connection. Freestyle provides the ability to accelerate growth, process and fulfill orders, manage inventory and access customer information over the Internet. It keeps you up to date with the business insight you need to grow sales, while still providing the best customer experience.

Freestyle gives you a comprehensive list of features covering the entire life cycle of order management, including order entry, order processing, order import, inventory management, customer management and more for your cross channel fulfillment business.

You can integrate your retail operations across multiple channels including Amazon. Customer service staff can enter orders, calculate shipping rates, provide return shipping tracking numbers and take payment information. You can manage inventory, review previous orders, record payments, manage contacts, and update customer demographics. Plus you get business intelligence and QuickBooks integration. All that with one solution.

Freestyle Commerce aims to be your one-stop shop for order management.

“Small to medium-size merchants are operating in a business environment that is vastly different from even a few years ago, with a challenging economy, fluctuating market conditions and an abundance of information available to consumers at their fingertips,” said Fred Lizza, chief executive officer at Dydacomp. “Dydacomp has always offered our SMB retailers a solution that helps them increase customer retention and acquisition. Freestyle Commerce is a huge opportunity for SMB retailers to utilize the power of cloud computing to capitalize even further on these growth opportunities by enabling Dydacomp to make it even simpler and easier for them to manage orders from multiple channels.”

Freestyle is a subscription-based price model with a setup fee. Freestyle uses a tiered subscription pricing structure based on the number of users and the number of orders processed per month. If you’re interested, visit their website and give them a shout.

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