Printing From Your Smartphone Is About To Get A Whole Lot Easier!

Are you one of the few that has already embraced printing from your smartphone? It feels pretty magical and it’s among the latest technology coming to this post-PC, cord-cutting world. I’m sure you’ve looked at something you need to print on your mobile device and then had to go through the middle man — your desktop computer. Emailing a file to yourself so you can open it up on your desktop and printing it off.

But with wireless printers and the ability to print from your phone, it’s instant. You see something that needs printing on your phone, you hit ‘print’ and it’s printed. Your kids will not understand why this is cool. I’m fairly young, but I’m old enough to remember a time when printing took a long time, was noisy and the edges of printer paper had a bunch of holes in it.

Anything that saves time is worth a look when it comes to small business owners. You’re busy and anything that makes your life easier is welcome.

So, good news: chances are if you have a smartphone in your pocket you can print from it. HP and Samsung collaborated on built-in mobile print technology that will enable the new Samsung Galaxy S4 to send a printable file to most HP inkjet and LaserJet network printers without having to download any apps.

The iPhone has AirPrint, which is also built-in and works with HP, Epson, Canon and Lexmark wireless printers, among others.

BlackBerry does it too, but you need to download their Print To Go app. Android also requires an app download.

According to HP internal data, a large percentage of smartphone users do not know how to print from their devices and only 26% of smartphone and tablet owners deem their devices as print enabled.

HP and Samsung’s new solution is a little different from the iPhone’s, in that it apparently requires no setup, tools, drivers or network configurations to adjust on the phone, and the print offering is one of the only solutions to offer sophisticated printer settings and options that include duplex printing, color, orientation and paper type. By offering these capabilities and much more, this new mobile print enablement will make printing on the go easier, saving time for the mobile worker and beyond.

The iPhone needs some time to download necessary drivers when you’re first setting up your new printer. It also doesn’t offer the aforementioned orientation options and such.

“Customers continue to look for ways to print from their smartphones and tablets,” said Stephen Nigro, senior vice president, Inkjet and Printing Solutions and Graphics Solutions Business, Printing and Personal Systems Group, HP. “This partnership with Samsung is the latest example of how HP is making it easy to print what you want from wherever you are.”

Did you know your smartphone could print, or did we teach you something new today? What phone do you have and do you use it to print? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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