RebelMouse Brings You “Your Social Front Page”

In the ever growing world of social media, it can be rather difficult to keep up with the waves of new sites, apps, features and functions that are constantly evolving. One site that may have slipped under one or two radars is RebelMouse.

RebelMouse is your online base of operations, which allows users to aggregate all their various social media sites, whether it’s Facebook and Twitter or Tumblr and YouTube, into one central location. Your RebelMouse page is essentially your own website but without much of the hassle of setting up a traditional homepage, which its creators call “Your Social Front Page”.

What makes your RebelMouse presence different to a conventional website is the refreshing function. Your homepage, which will be linked with various different social media accounts, refreshes automatically so only the most recent and fresh content and info is displayed, whether it’s your latest tweets, updates or videos. The newest addition to the site is the RebelMouse newsletter, which also keeps users up to speed on any new developments and features.

RebelMouse is the brainchild of former Huffington Post chief tech officer, Paul Berry, who launched the site in early 2012.  “I was CTO of HuffingtonPost where I ran product, design, engineering and infrastructure,” explained Paul in an interview last year with Digital Journal. “It became clear to me that too many people were struggling to create and maintain a website that was social and beautiful. It was costing them so much money and the results were very bad.”

Simplicity appears to be the key for RebelMouse, whether you’re just one person looking to collate your online presence or a business.

For a business, RebelMouse will allow you to create one simple go-to place for customers to get information and find out where else they can find you. If, for example, you’re familiar with a company’s Facebook page, you can visit their RebelMouse and possibly discover a Tumblr account with more details or a YouTube channel with many videos of the product/service.

RebelMouse allows the user a lot of room to change things around with the style, more so than profile or cover photos, with the user having the option to customize their fonts, unlike Facebook. This can be important for tailoring your account to your business and the tone and vibe you want to set for the visitor.

The social media site then takes a few cues from Pinterest with its ‘stick it’ function, where the user can easily post a video or photo, for example, and then share it across different platforms.

For small businesses interested in using RebelMouse, the site provides analytics to gauge how and when your pages are being viewed and where from. Much like Pinterest’s analytics, this is vital for a company to know whether they are using social media efficiently and what they need to improve on to be more effective.

Are you a RebelMouse user?  If so, let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below.  We’d love to know!

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