Reclaim Your Gmail Inbox Space With ‘FreeSpace’ App From Backupify

If you’re a Google Apps power user, you’ve probably noticed how easy it is to fill up that Gmail inbox. With a full inbox, you cannot send or receive emails, which really grinds things to a halt. Having to go through your emails and reclaim all that space is time-consuming and a chore, which is why Backupify launched the FreeSpace application for Google Apps users.

FreeSpace keeps your inbox from filling up by helping you easily delete or save your emails and attachments locally. If your inbox is full right now, FreeSpace can rank which emails contain the largest attachments. You don’t have to go searching. Best of all,  the app is free.

“As a backup provider for Google Apps we have seen first-hand the incredible data accumulation within our customers’ domains,” said Rob May, CEO of Backupify. “We built FreeSpace to ease the burden of managing these growing accounts while still being able to preserve the valuable company data that they contain.”

What’s great is that FreeSpace doesn’t just identify large Gmail attachments, but allows you to delete oversized mail attachments without removing the original Gmail message. Your inbox gets smaller, but the email history stays intact.

FreeSpace offers benefits for both Google Apps users and administrators:

  • For Google Apps administrators, FreeSpace provides complete visibility of their users’ Gmail usage, and enables admin control by making it easy to alert users to take action when they run low on storage space;
  • For Google Apps Gmail users, FreeSpace saves time by identifying large attachments so that the users can choose what to delete or securely offload;
  • FreeSpace leaves conversations intact no matter whether you delete, download or ignore the attachment.

Backupify, the company that made FreeSpace, offers backup and recovery services for Google Apps, Salesforce, Facebook and Twitter accounts. For more on backing up your vital data to the cloud, check out Charles Costa’s article, Backing up the Cloud to Your Computer – Saving Vital Social Media and Website Data, from our archives.

Have any tips for keeping your inbox tidy? Let’s hear ’em in the comments!

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