SFVision Launches Salesforce v2.0: The iPad App For Mobile Salesforce Users

SFVision for Salesforce has launched the newest version of its Salesforce app, SFVision for Salesforce™ v2.0,  for iPad, the application designed specifically for the mobile sales person.

The app was designed by SFVision Technologies and was the first app for Salesforce and the new Version 2 sees a number of new improvements and features for sales on the go.

The app will collate data for the user from across Salesforce, bringing everything together into one simple interface that’s easy-to-use and navigate, constantly updating Salesforce so you’re only working with the latest data.

“It quickly became evident that most mobile sales professionals view their daily interaction with Salesforce as tedious and the repeated data entry a waste of time. In many cases sales management was using incentives to get the sales team to input minimal information,” explains SFVision co-founder and CEO Kevin Mooney on the app’s uses and newest updates.

The app lays out all your contacts in an easy-to-view design with customizable information for each, such as role, responsibility or other pertinent information, with simple ‘drag and drop’ functions make for easy moving of contacts and other information. 

“With the only goal to provide a solid platform that delivers on our vision of Extreme Salesforce Simplicity, we spent a great deal of time taking input from our early users,” says Kevin. “We learned more about what they liked, didn’t like and what else was needed.”

New features of the app include:

The SFVision Console

  • Puts all critical sales data up front with easy access to SFVision Opportunity Pipeline, Calendar and Chatter Everywhere
  • Interactively filters the pipeline from the console to list all opportunities in specific sales stages and closing dates
  • Allows easy single touch modification of opportunity stages

The SFVision OrgView

  • Displays all contacts in an account, laid out in an organizational view
  • Manages strategic indicators for all contacts in the OrgView including roles, sentiments and decision making abilities
  • Uses “Drag and Drop” on the OrgView to setup or correct “Reports To” alignment

Contacts and Calendars

  • Create a new contact or lead in Salesforce with a simple touch
  • Instantly pulls new contact information from your iPad address book, or push Salesforce contacts into your address book
  • Create a contact or lead from a vCard in an iPad email or from a QR code using the iPad camera
  • Access your full Salesforce calendar and load calendar events to your iPad iCal for both connected and disconnected event management

The SFVision Chatter Everywhere

  • Make comments to your specific account activities, opportunities and leads
  • Share your current status

SFVision was the first of its kind, making it the only iPad app for Salesforce and Version 2 retains that unique edge that the app has with no other apps offering the same functions. The company firmly believes that the app continues to offer real benefits to every kind of salesperson.

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