Ship And Track Your Customer Orders With Ease: A Comparison Of Three Popular Solutions

When you are looking for shipping solutions for your small business, you want the easiest, best and least costly service possible.

For many, the least expensive choice is the United States Postal Service. According to Anthony Sills at Open Forum, “If your business only ships small packages occasionally, the U.S. Postal Service is probably the most affordable shipping option for packages weighing less than two pounds. (However) the USPS isn’t the greatest with tracking packages or guaranteeing delivery dates.”

Fast, reliable shipping is often key in maintaining a good relationship with your customer. If they’re pleased with the speed and ease, they’re likely to come back again. People shop online for the convenience, so make it as convenient as possible for them — and yourself.

Wordwide Express recently announced its new freight and express shipping platforms, SpeedShip 2.0 and SpeedFreight 2.0. SpeedShip and SpeedFreight provide customers with an enhanced interface and a wider selection of requirements and specifications. Customers will have the ability to search their shipment history, save packaging information, track packages and claims, set up distinct preferences per login, and more.

In Wordwide Express’s words, “SpeedShip delivers the same online express shipping service as the competition, but with less red tape and more customer-friendly features giving small and midsize businesses a clear advantage in efficiency.”

It’s your easy way to high powered business shipping. Worldwide Express is partnered with UPS, so you’re getting their capabilities under the hood.

For more on making shipping and logistics less of a pain, see our archives.

FedEx also has a dashboard for small businesses, offering a roster of features. With FedEx Ship Manager, you can create shipment profiles and set preferences to cut back on the time it takes to complete your shipments. Often having cheaper rates than UPS, FedEx is certainly worth a look.

From what I’ve been able to gather, USPS is your best bet in terms of cost if your packages are under two pounds. Three pounds and over, go with UPS or FedEx. For the best of all possible worlds, shop around. Divide your shipping between USPS and one of the other private options.

Does your business do a lot of shipping? Let us know in the comments which company you use and why!

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